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    I appreciate all the help on my mini FTF issues . I took hawkguys and everonea advice and went to the web site he suggested and tore my rifle down , I was a little nervous looking at my brand new rifle in pieces but the video was an excellent resource for reassembly. I did dab a bit of grease in a couple spots that I thought was beneficial and Used snipers oil mixture to lube it. Success ,I was able to shoot a full magazine of the brass 55 grain with out a single FTF ! Well I got a case of wolf 55 g steel case ammo in from American armory Saturday and it would not eject it stayed on the bolt not stovepiped but like it was glued to the bolt?? I put some brass federal 55 back in and it fed fine. Is it the steel case ? Cheap ammo?

    Thanks ahead
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    Being a new gun, it may have a somewhat tight chamber. Most new guns have a break-in period, especially semi-auto's. Shoot several hundred brass cased rounds and then try some steel again. As the chamber wears some, it may loosen up enough to accept the steel cased ammo. Some will, some won't. You may find that it won't ever like the steel cased stuff. It happens.

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    first off, you're welcome, happy to know we helped a bit. i learned everything i know (which isn't much btw) by asking questions just like you.

    well, i understand the reasons for buying ammo like wolf, cause everybody likes to save money....BUT...i personally stay away from cheapo russian ammo.

    first, it normally isn't very good. even if your rifle functions ok with it, it is going to be garbage for accuracy & often very dirty (sometimes even corosive).

    next, guns and ammo is one of the few strong manufacturing industries left in america. supporting jobs here is always good for everyone.

    if just pilnking, i'd go with remington UMC (which can be had for good sales), american eagle, etc. this is 80%+ of what i have shot through my mini, and it runs like a dream.

    when you want to know what your mini is truly capable of accuracy wise, you are going to have open your wallet wide and buy some match ammo. :eek:

    and of course the best route to cheap and accurate shooting is handloading. but i can't do that right now, and i assume you can't either.
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    I've shot Russian Silver Bear ammo zinc plated steel cases, functioned perfectly and was surprisingly clean, only thing that I didn't like was one case had a punctured primer and even that didn't cause any problems. But like hawkguy said go with UMC, it can be bought in bulk packages. Look for sales of Winchester white box and Federal black box ammo. Those three have brass that can be reloaded.