Thank You To notdku, RL357, cpttango, IGETEVEN...

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by OC357, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. OC357

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    Thank you all for your part in upgrading my account. I couldn't figure out how to individually thank you. I guess I am just not very computor literate. I am also not a gun expert and so I do not know how to recriprocate to you or the forum.

    I basicly found this forum by accident and have enjoyed the knowledge I have gained from mostly reading posts in the short time I have been here. I do not belong to any other gun forum. So I guess I will also like to personally extend my thanks to all the other forum members not mentioned above for their willingness to impart their firearms knowledge to others in their posts.


    PS...If this is not appropriate in an open forum one of the mods should delete it I guess. I couldn't figure out how to PM anybody.
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  2. cpttango30

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    Hey not a problem.

    How to reciprocate is to keep up with what your doing. If we didn't think you were a valued member we would not have upgraded you.