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Hello To all,

My name is Ken a.k.a. kilogulf59 and I would like to thank Kyle for the cordial invitation to join Firearms Talk. You folks seem to have an excellent forum here and I look forward to the lucid interaction.

Now for a bit of information regarding myself if I may; I have been a student of close personal combat, in all aspects, both historically and physically, for many years. The general perspective I tend to take is that of an average citizen as opposed to that of an expert (which I am not). Straightforward, fundamental, yet effective methodologies are my preference, as I consider combat as no place for complexities.

My other interests include weapons of all types (uncomplicated types are paramount), reading, hunting, and fishing (though I never seem to pursue these as much as I would like to), and, above all else, my wonderful family.

That about sums me up briefly so, without further babble on my part, I will get onto the forums.
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