Thank you all for the FFL help, I'm open :)

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    Thanks to all of you who helped me with the endless questions during my ffl process, and a big thanks to Silverado113 you were a big help and I truly appreciate it.

    I have been open just over a week and sold a dozen guns, one upper and a pile of mags and ammo. The store has had a great response from customers.

    I have also had a few of the employees stop in from Windham Weaponry and they are great people and speak very highly of their employer, most of them returned from when they were Bushmaster. ( They are prob a mile from my store )

    But anyway thanks again to all who helped me.

    Also anyone on face book head over and check it out and give it a like for me please to help spread the word more,, Thanks!!!

    Up In Arms

    Windham, Me
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  2. Axxe55

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    Congrats! glad to here you are up and running. well good luck and best wishes on the new business!:D

  3. Olympus

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    Congrats. I think there were a few of us getting our licenses around the same time.
  4. silverado113

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    Welcome to the club and congrats! Now time for the headaches ;)