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    Tis the season. While it is tough for most of us to affort the best gadget or jewelery for the ones close to us. Lets not forget those that won't be come for Christmas. Many years ago I was away from home durring this time of year and got a Christmas card from a person I didn't know. The card read "Sir, thank you for what you are doing, I hope this card finds you safe and makes you feel closer to home". Several months latter I was home and called the man who sent me the card and thanked him. He was surprised and had never served in the military but wanted to do something. He gave something personal. I told him how nice it was to get his card, something I will keep for a lifetime. My family had sent me so much while I was away but to have a random person send something was honestly special.

    The point I'm geting at is we have a lot of people doing a tough job in harsh parts of the world. You can contact your local military base and find out how you can make one of them gring big. If nothing more a Christmas card and a thank you. Most deployed expect family to send them something to make them feel close to home. A card/gift from a ramdom person wishing them the best goes a long way. There are a lot of organizations looking for donations this time of year but please at least consider this If it is nothing more than a card it's hard to underrstand how much of an impact it could have.

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    The link below was posted earlier and many cards were sent in thanks. It will work again or send your own. I have volunteered and donated lots of food, personal items, and leisure items to be boxed up and shipped over to the sandbox to the soldiers and have made monetary donations to our local Blue Star Mothers of America chapter. :)

    Let's Say Thanks free card link by xerox.

    Blue Star Mothers Of America Inc