Tgt. Sights for BP revolver

Discussion in 'Blackpowder & Musket' started by paul, Jan 13, 2012.

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    I wanna install a target sight on my Traditions 1851, 7 and half inch, oct barrel. Anyone know where to start ordering a set for home installation. I'll drill and tap. These pistols shoot accurate enough, with a 2" group at 25yds, to justify installing a set of adjustable sights, rear. Gun was only $150 so no need to spend a great deal.
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    Hi Paul , take a look at Brownells , you can probably find a multitude of sights to do what your looking to do .
    Williams makes a nice little adjustable fold down rear , dovetail version you could install on the barrel . Or you could buy any number of adjustable rears and instal a Ruger Single Six front , Tap and screw base . The options are limitless really if you have the talent . You will need a taller front than stock, I do know that much , as the rear hammer knotch is low to the barrel on those Colts . I personally would dovetail a rear and front . Lyman makes a set-up too you may like , but the adjustable rear Williams is very cool , and has a white sighting diamond on the blade . Set that sight up with a nice dovetailed Lyman front and your in bussiness .
    There is plenty of meat on your barrel to dovetail both sights, been there done that .
    Hope that helps !