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* Background checks on all gun sales(Unconstitutional, violates private property Rights)
* Reinstatement of the expired assault weapons ban(didn't work the first time around, Columbine School shootings happened during the last one, don't they remember this.)
* A 10-round limit on ammunition magazines(Looks like they'll be a big blackmarket for standard cap mags in the near future.)
* Reinstatement of CDC research into the causes and prevention of gun violence(man's evil heart is the reason for ALL violence, banning guns isn't going to change that.)
* Protecting police officers by banning armor-piercing bullets through a manufacture and import ban(they were already banned, are they now talking about standard hunting ammo that may penetrate a IIIa vest?)
* Providing resources to allow schools to hire 1,000 "school resource officers"(they'll be the first one taken out in the next school shooting, criminals are evil, not stupid.)
* Providing mental health coverage in health insurance plans.(not sure what this has to do with the price of eggs in China.)
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