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Texas is Great

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Read in my local paper today that Texas just passed three new gun laws.

1. Castle Doctrine; New law that gives you the right to shoot any intruder without trying to retreat or use any other method of defense or flight before killing them.
2. New law making it illegal for any Gov't official to confiscate guns for any reasons from citizens even during a disaster.
3. Move from 5 to 10 year renewal on your CHL.
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If you cannot avoid a gun fight, The best way to win a gun fight is to not get shot. If you have to retreat to a position of cover from which to engage that is a great option.

According to the FBI's analysis of Officer involved shootings over the last 10 years, the best way to survive a gun fight is to first seek cover. They did not stress "Win" but, rather survive. In my book any gun fight you survive is a win. You can have two winners or two losers.
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