Texas Hogs

Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by tpdoff, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. tpdoff

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    A friend of mine and I want to do a Texas Hog hunt, he is from Texas and never hunted them, neither have I. I was wondering, the only rifle I have is my newly acquired Savage .270 Win. How's that caliber for hog hunting? I would imagine it's fine, however, I'm not sure since never hunted them or even talked with anybody that has. What bullet would be best?

  2. lonyaeger

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    That's a lot of rifle for hogs, but it would work. If you're shooting them just to kill them, it will definitely do that. If you're hoping to eat them, you're gonna want a smaller hog, and the .270 will cause major damage to the good parts, unless you're very precise with your shot, like in the head, but the head can be a risky shot, especially a smaller head.

  3. Eastex_Guns

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    I have literally herds of hogs on my property in Centerville. I sit in a heated deer stand at 75 yard an take them out under the deer feeder with a .223

    If the temperature is over 60 you will want them out of their skins within the hour. I simply take the quarters and the back strap without bursting open the torso. Hog guts smell like that were dead days before you got there...
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    We are building ARs in bigger calibers for hogs, the 6.8 is the most popular but also the 6mmBR, 30ARP which is a slightly shortened 308, a 358ARP is a 358 Win shortened to be Indiana legal, 7.62x39 and even the 5.45x39 since ammo is only $120/1080 rounds. Many states require a 6mm to be legal for big game, we have a 6x41(6.8 necked down to 6mm) to meet the minimum laws.