Texas Cull Hunters Association

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    TCHA wishes to help provide hardworking blue collar Texas families an affordable way to hunt.

    At the same time providing Texas ranchers quality construction services along with deer management assistance. (Labor for Cull program)

    We are a group of gentleman hunters/construction workers experts from all trades is the structure of our membership.

    Our intentions are to form alliances with like minded organizations to further our cause.

    To form and maintain special interest programs.

    To defend our 2nd amendment rights with vigor.

    Texas Cull Hunters Association
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    seems worthy good luck

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    Dos and Don’ts of Cull Deer Hunting or
    How to Bag that Second Invitation

    In Texas deer hunting is a little bit different than most of this great country of ours. With something along the lines of over 90% of hunt able land being privately owned, its pretty much (Pay for Play). Now don’t get me wrong I love this state and the state of deer hunting in it. Although it does make it hard for those on a budget to afford to play. So if you are one of those lucky few that gets an invite to go deer hunting than congratulations. Now I know its hard not to but don’t worry about getting that deer in your sights.
    I don’t care if its been years since you’ve had your” Knees In The Trees “ your most coveted trophy should be ……….. The next invitation! Elusive creature that it is if you keep a few things in mind you can (Tag it and Bag it).
    Firstly, Shoot your gun or bow!!!!!!! I don’t care if it was (on) when you put it away. Take it to the range and make sure. I made that mistake a few years back, and Ill never forget it. The old timers at that ranch made sure of that. Later when you’re on the hunt and a shot presents itself
    You will not second guess accuracy and surely hunt more effectively.
    Also if your host does not provide the information you need than ask them for it.
    General questions can provide a wealth of information. Such as Do I need a bed roll or cot or both? As a starter question, will get the ball rolling And they will probably supply
    You with a lot more info than you asked for so listen well. Showing up prepared will go a long way towards getting asked to show up again. Ask about meals? If you can cook offer to cook supper a night or two. I can tell you from first hand experience if you bring and prepare a decent meal you will definitely be a candidate for a return invite. This is a quote I heard a guy say that sums it up “Well the dude can cook and he aint done nothing stupid all weekend so, you can bring him again.” Another thing I do and recommend is to ask if they throw corn or protein? Then on way to the ranch stop and pick up 4 to 6 bags. I guarantee that it wont go un noticed or unappreciated. Now I’m not going to tell you
    how to act, once you’re on the ranch. If you grew up hunting in Texas you know that already. What I can tell you is Sitting on your butt waiting for hunting time is not the best idea; there is always things that need to be done on a deer ranch. Look for something to help with, take initiative, and Make them remember you. (IN A GOOD WAY). Last thing I can think of is when cull or guest hunting in Texas there is almost always (Shooter Rules) for guests and for paid guns as well. When on hunt if you are not absolutely sure your deer is an (acceptable shooter) THAN LET IT WALK!!! You can do everything else perfectly; have that second invite in your pocket practically. Then you shoot the (Wrong Deer) and it’s Game Over. GOOD LUCK Jeff Jeter President: Texas Cull Hunters Association
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