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Do you think that the Concealed Carry License Training should be standardized?

  • No, just leave it like it is.

    Votes: 2 66.7%
  • Yes, I think that Texas should standardize its program

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Yes, I think that there should be a Federal Standardized Program

    Votes: 1 33.3%
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Well, I have not seen anything as of yet coming from DPS for a curriculum for the CHL training in Texas. Of course there are 3 powerpoint and 1 PDF file that is available on the DPS website that help new instructors set up a class. However, I could not find them on the website today. Maybe they were moved elsewhere.

I called TxDPS and asked if they had an "Instructor's Manual" or "Course Curriculum" for new instructors and was told that there was none. Each instructor is responsible for setting up his/her own training class. Somewhat ambiguous.. don't you think?

As a former Leadership instructor for the U.S. Army, CPR and Advanced First Aid/Water Safety instructor for the American Red Cross, EMT Instructor for the Texas Department of Health, NRA instructor for Pistols/shotguns/personal protection, a Firefighter instructor for the Texas Commission of Fire Protection, and an instructor for the Texas Private Security Bureau.. (not to mention 8 semester hours at the local college in "train the trainer"), I have decided to write my own curriculum and make an "Instructor's Manual" to go with it.

The manual does two things: 1. Gets the new instructor ready to teach the class, and 2. keeps the instructor on tract throughout the training.

I designed the instructor's manual so that it is 9 separate - 1 hour modules. Each Module has a "Post Test" that forces the student to participate. Then the module covers the material for that hour. Use of force; non violent dispute resolution; handgun use; and safe and proper storage of handguns and ammunition are covered in detail.

Each of the pretest have at least one of the state exam questions in it so that they will be exposed to all the questions without knowing it.

The manual is designed by an instructor trainer with more than 20 years of experience in writing instructor's manuals. This manual is designed to make it easy for new instructors to prepare and conduct a class from beginning to end (and not leave anything out). If you are interested in this manual, take a look at my website at and give me a call, email, tweet.

The manual was designed for an instructor to teach a class without any powerpoint, projectors, computers, or other electronics.... but that does not mean you can't. It just makes it basic and easy.... Keep it simple!!!

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