Texas Boy, 5, Shoots Down 800-Pound Alligator!

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    This is incredible!

    Texas Boy, 5, Shoots Down 800-Pound Alligator - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News - FOXNews.com

    Texas-born Simon Hughes, 5, doesn’t look intimidating. But put a gun in his hands and pit him against an 800-pound alligator and it’s a different story.

    Simon's been training to handle a gun since he was just 4, his dad told MyFOXHouston — and it's a good thing, too, or else he could've gotten hurt by the mega-gator that wound up on the Hughes family ranch.

    The huge alligator bit into a baited hook in a marsh on the property, coming face-to-face with Simon. The boy reacted with lightning speed, grabbing his gun and shooting the reptile in the head.

    "It come out, the biggest alligator I've ever seen," Simon told MyFOXHouston. "He did his death roll."

    The reptile was nearly 20 times the 3-foot, 44-pound boy’s size. It didn't survive the shooting.

    His dad Scott Hughes said there's a reason he started training his son, who is in kindergarten, to shoot guns at such an early age.

    "Everything on the ranch will either bite you or stick you," he told MyFOXHouston.

    The little boy has now earned the nickname "Gator Bait."

    "Simon was a champ, couldn't ask for any better. He was just fearless," said Chuck Cotton, a family friend who witnessed the shooting.

    The family plans to cook up the meat to celebrate.
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    That's why I'm getting dart-guns for my 2 1/2 yr old daughter.. To teach safe handling.. Earlier the better I say..

    Congrat's to that proud father ! Something like that has got to make you proud !!

    Good goin' "Gator Bait" !!

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    Show and Tell at this young man's school will never be the same!

    That Gator will make lots of nice boots and provide plenty of meat (tastes like chicken - really it does!).

    Cool story! Ony in Texas!!!!!!!
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    800 pound alligator and fox news seems about right:rolleyes:
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    I saw that story while at the chow hall yesterday. Hell, the gator's head was bigger than the kid, and probably weighed more!