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  1. kaido

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    Well I mentioned I've had them for a little while now, just never gave a range report on either yet. I also figure they've had their brake in time, so I'll let everyone know how they shoot.

    First picture is with the XT 22, 8shot groups at 25 yards with Federals Champion 36gr HP.
    As you can tell, it's hitting low and to the left. (iron sights)

    Same rifle and distance, but with Winchesters Xpert HV 36gr HP
    Still a little low and to the left, but the groups are a bit tighter on this one. (irons) 5shot groups.

    Third picture was done with the Mossberg Plinkster at the same distance, this one is a five shot group with the Winchester rounds. Was also done with a 4x32 scope. Would of had some nice groups, but some shots where pulled. I also shot an extra group which is the second one down on the left. The purpose of that one was to see if I could shot a round and then aim for the hole and get all five into it. As you can tell, I got 3/5 inside, so I'm pretty happy.

    The last picture is the same distance, round count scope and rifle but firing the Federals this time. This was the last volley of rounds I sent down range since the temp starting to drop. This is another one I'll retry some time when it's warmer since I started to shiver a little bit. Some groups I was still about to stack the rounds into one hole though.

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  2. texaswoodworker

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    Very nice. Looks pretty good to me.

  3. willfully armed

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    The Xpert HP in the white box held the best groups in my rifle.

    The Xpert HV prints loose groups for me.
  4. dks7895

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    For bulk ammo, I get the best groups with Winchester 555.

    I would put a scope on that XT-22.
  5. kaido

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    Thanks Tex'.
    The stuff I'm using came in a white box, I'm not to sure if it's the same stuff your using or not though. I might see if Walmart here carries just the HV solids.

    I was actually looking at a box of those as I grabbed the winchesters. Might grab some after the Federals are done since there about half a box or so of them.

    As for putting a scope on the XT, I'd already have one on it of it was mine. But it's my girlfriends and she said that she wants one, just doesn't want me buying it since she'll feel like a mooch......might buy her the same scope I'm using for valentines day, just want wan it to be a Home Simpson thing.