testing a 2nd-hand Springfield Model 56 = How?

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  1. Scare_Rab

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    I just bought a 2nd-hand Springfield Model 56: I'm wondering how people go about "testing" a rifle when they buy one 2nd-hand??

    on top of the barrel are stamped

    "Springfield Manufactured by J. Stevens Arms Company"
    Chicopee Falls Mass. USA Cal .22 S.L. or L.R. MODEL 56

    I'm familiar with my Remington 870 Shotgun but have had little to do with rifles.

    I've taken the bolt both in and out, put the magazine in & out, pulled the trigger once.

    my question is "How do I go about testing this rifle.

    • just shoot a box of shells thru her?
    • What does S.R. or L.R. signify?

    I want to reduce the rabbit population on my my 10 acres

    Suggestions - comments questions welcomed


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  2. c3shooter

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    S,L, LR means Short, Long, or Long Rifle. Means other than 22 Mag, it is pretty versatile on ammo.

    Myself, would run a brush and patch thru the bore- feeling for rough spots or bulges- check safety and trigger, take it to the range, be sure you have glasses and muffs, and shoot it. For semi autos, first firing, I only load 3 rounds for the first time. Have had a couple of BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP experiences (back to the seller, thanx!)

    Nice little Stevens.

  3. Bigdog57

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    Nice find! I have one similar. Don't lose the bolt - replacements are scarce as frog's hair! The current Savage/Stevens.22 magazine will fit, as my Stevens 56 can use my Stevens 416 magazines, and we can get spares from Numrich.
    .22 bores are actually rather hard to 'wear out', so it'll likely be a good shooter.