Terminal Ballistics .204 Ruger

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    Did a little unscientific TB experiment with the R700 .204 Ruger today. I was testing penetration of the Hornady 32gr V-Max on 1" pine boards at 100 yards. Here's the rifle on the sled on my shooting platform.


    Looking down range


    I had such a good result on 4 boards...(exit wound 4 boards)


    ...that I set up for 5 and had this exit wound


    My c-clamps are not big enough for 6 boards, so I shot the rifle through two pressure treated 2x4s with clean penetration. The test was "unscientific" because I didn't have a chance to get to the "terminal" target density. But, still, I'm impressed enough to try the round--or a heavier grain .204--maybe on pigs under 150lbs.
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    Interesting results. The bullet speed is what helps the penetration. I've noticed the .220 Swift does the same thing with lightly constructed bullets.