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    I remember one time when I was about 11 yrs old. We were at a party given by one of my Mom's Aunts. My Mom's family were very typical Spanish and loved to get the families together. Her blood line was half Yaqui Indian and half Castilian Spanish. And the Spanish in her family meant that they loved music and singing and dancing and eating large amounts of tasty succulent Mexican food. I have many good memories of those Spanish parties at my Aunts house. The men out in the back yard playing their guitars and singing while the women were cooking and gossiping in the kitchen. Then we all succumbed to the smells from the kitchen that told us the meal was ready.
    One time in particular was a learning lesson for this 11 yr. old boy. One of my grown up cousins was a beautiful woman in her 20's and she had a very vivacious figure. I was too young at that time to know about that but I learned quickly that night. She flirted with all the men at the party especially the husbands of her girl relatives. I was coming down the open stair well from the up stairs when I saw her come to where my Dad was sitting and plump herself down on my Dad's lap. She kissed him and smiled and was talking to him and I could hear her. She asked my Dad if he wanted to go up stairs to bed. That puzzled me but I couldn't stop listening.
    My Dad said, "Yes, but I need to go tell my wife where I am going and what I am doing." I could see her face but not my Dad's and she jerked back like she had been slapped. Her eyes looked like she couldn't believe what she had just heard. The she laughed and got up from Dad's lap and went out to dance with the other men.
    I was really puzzled about what I had heard so I asked one of my teenager girl cousins. She was in High School so I figured she would know what my other cousin was talking about. I told her exactly what the woman had said and asked "Why did she want to go to bed in the middle of the afternoon?" My girl cousin put her hands on her hips and laughed a little. Then she told me about sex and that my pretty cousin was a hot pants. ?? She wanted men all the time and didn't care whose man they were. Well I found out more than I had wanted too, but I was proud of my Dad for telling her off. She was a good looking woman with a fabulous figure and my Mom couldn't dance at all because she had an artificial leg. (another story at another time about that)
    Later in my life as I grew older and watched the love that went between my parents I understood that my Dad married just one woman and that was for a life time. He was my hero.
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    where i am going and what iam doing... lol thats freekin awesome

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    proud 'father'; loving husband

    Sir; your father; wow. I want to share a 1,000 words. :) wow; serves best:)
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    It seems now-a-days most men (at least many of my friends) dont have much respect for being faithful. I have been with my wife for 17 years now (since high school), and she is the only woman i have ever been with, and ever want to be with. My dad was quite the opposite, so it is nice to hear about role models. Thanks for sharing yours!