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    I was reading Rentacop's post on the feds qualification. It got me thinking, it would be fun to see other qualifications. I would like to see a thread on you qualification or drills you use to keep up to speed and test your self. I like to have qualifications in my tool box and they are fun to shoot as well. Give use the following.

    # of round
    Kind of target
    Outline of qual
    Your average score
    and how to score the target
    What ever else you would like us to know

    This is the current qualification my department uses.

    50 round
    Target is a B-27E
    My average score is 460+:D
    Total points is 500, min score is a 375, 75%
    Last I knew, 2 years ago this was the basic course of fire in the police academy.
    All shot standing from holster.

    4 yard, vest drill 2 body 2 head, 4 sec.
    7 yard, 3 round strong hand only 6 sec.
    7 yard, 3 rounds support hand only 8 sec.
    10 yard, 10 rounds with a type one malefaction 15 sec.
    15 yards, 10 rounds 5 speed load then 5, 15 sec.
    15 yards, 5 speed load then 5, 20 sec.
    25 yard, with cover, 5 right, speed load, 5 left, tac load 60 seconds.
    FYI, instructor level is, 450 out of 500 with no round saved or off body of target.
    Have fun!
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    Who Cares???

    Qualification does NOT equal training.

    Qualification is to TEST an officer's proficiency with their firearm. Qualification is for PROOF that the officer has had sufficient training.

    You don't go to school just to take the final exam... you go to class. The exam is to make sure you LEARNED SOMETHING.

    Making a big deal over Q courses is like making a big deal over the final... screw the final, it's the diploma that matters.
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    Here's a YouTube clip, showing a portion of the Air Marshal Qual. Course :
    [ame=]YouTube - FAA Air Marshal Pistol Drill DVD Excerpt[/ame] .

    Here is the course of fire for air marshals as posted on The Gun Zone site :
    Individual Drill Starting Position Time Allowed Total Rounds
    One Round (twice). Concealed from Holster 1.65 seconds
    (3.30 total) 2
    Double Tap (twice) Low Ready 1.35 seconds
    (2.70 total) 4
    Rhythm; fire 6 rounds at one target; no more than 0.6 second between each shot. Low Ready 3.00 seconds 6
    One Shot, speed reload, one shot (twice). Low Ready 3.25 seconds
    (6.50 total) 4
    One Round each at two targets three yards apart (twice) Low Ready 1.65 seconds
    (3.30 total) 4
    180° pivot. One round each at three targets (twice). Turn left, then right. Concealed from Holster 3.50 seconds
    (7.00 total) 6
    One Round, slide locks back; drop to one knee; reload; fire one round. (twice) Low Ready 4.00 seconds
    (8.00 total) 4

    1.Time: Cannot exceed total time for each drill. Example: Drill #1 - 1st time 1.70 seconds, 2nd time 1.55 seconds; Total = 3.25 seconds = Go. Must achieve a "GO" on each drill.
    2.Accuracy: Target is FBI "QIT" (bottle). Total rounds fired is 30. Point value inside bottle = 5. Point value touching line or outside bottle = 2. Maximum possible score = 150. Mininum qualifying score = 135.
    All stages must equal "GO" to qualify. If you don't qualify, you don't fly!