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Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by Soliferrum, Feb 27, 2012.

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    I like pokein my head into the various rooms in FTF and reading some of the posts i know im not going to post in what so ever, but the information is great. plus you find out who the good members are to pay attention to and talk to. im definitely not in that group but Robo and C3 is a good place to start.

    More often than not, there is an abundance of bad news. particularly about all our love, firearms. It brings me down when i read people posting up information on how its all getting worse, or how something awful is about to pass. We all know whats going down in Chicago or at the UN. But wheres the good stuff? i know its going on, but just with todays news you never hear the good fight on our side.

    Hopefully, and humbly, id like to start the good news thread. a concentration of the good stuff that happens for our 2A causes. To me it would do alot of good to pop in and read on some story thats not mainstream, but i know is working in the background for all our benefit, even if its already in some back thread somewhere.

    i dont know if it was posted already but, HB375 passed the senate that would allow employees of the local government of Virgina to bring their piece to work in the car. it goes back to the house for some minor changes then to the gov to be made into a law. its not much but its something. oh and i heard canada has repealed its long gun restrictions! well some of them. its not america, but its a neighbor so hell thats always good.