...tell me about the kimber tacticle 2

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    what can you tell me about them?
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    Which one? There are three models. They feature aluminum frames and slides, fixed 3-dot night sights, custom triggers and match grade feed ramps and barrels.

    I have owned three Kimbers in my day, I still own two. I have never had one from the Tactical family, but I find them a very good, very well built firearm.

    For the money, they offer a lot of features that are not found on other guns - and a 'smith would charge you a lot more to add them to a pistol from another maker.

    For the money, they are a great upper middle to lower upper end pistol. There are custom shops that turn out better overall products, but you will probably pay another 50% higher pricing, possibly more.


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    I went through a couple of pistols before finding my Compact II. Since I got it 7 or 8 years ago, I haven't had the desire to even look at another pistol. I've got at least 10k rounds though it and I've never had a single stovepipe, misfeed or stoppage. I wouldn't trade it for any other pistol in the world.

    The trigger breaks clean and even with no creep or over travel. It comes in and out of battery smooth. The slide release and safety are smooth and positive. Most importantly, it does the same thing every time in the exact same way it has always done it.

    This is an 8 inch steel that I shoot at 50 yards:

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