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  1. cpttango30

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    Ok what were your favorite and least favorite teenage jobs?

    My least favorite was cleaning showers at a truckstop. The plus was free access to tons of porn mags, movies, books. The drawback what you would find in the showers. [​IMG]

    Favorite had to be the summer I spent working in the plum orchards suckering trees. That is till I goofed up and ran over the $1000 Stihl Brush cutter. :eek:

    I couldn't believe that she still paid me.
  2. Dillinger

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    I did the fast food thing for my first couple of jobs. That sucked. I hated it and usually quit after a month or so. One job I quit after one shift. :p

    I got a job working at an ice cream parlor called Lickity Split. Had a drive thru and an inside and outside sitting area. Lots of girls came in for ice cream. It was a great job and I kept it for about two years while in high school. I got paid a WHOPPING $3.45 an hour ( $0.10 over minimum wage at the time ) but all the free ice cream and milkshakes I could eat/drink.

    In the adjoining building was an Alfy's Take & Bake Pizza, so we always traded pizza for ice cream back and forth. We had a little toaster oven in the back room and spent many a day just eating pizza and drinking milkshakes.

    I miss that job the most of all the jobs I had. Very little pressure, no one *****ing at you, just scoop some ice cream, collect some cash and go back to screwing around until the next customer came in. :D

  3. skullcrusher

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    My least favorite was working for farmers putting in hay. Nasty dust, hot and they worked you to death.

    My favorite which I did for four summers was lifeguarding at a lake near here. I think no elaboration is needed on that one. :D
  4. gregs887

    gregs887 New Member

    Least favorite was working IT doing hardware upgrades at the local hospital. That was absolute torture.

    Favorite was definitly the summer I spend working with the GM of the AAA baseball team in our town. Waaaay too much fun and I got to meet a lot of big leaguers who were down on rehab assignments and things like that. Absolute dream for a baseball junkie like me. :D
  5. NGIB

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    Least favorite was the summer I spent as a busboy for a big hotel restaurant in Minneapolis. My oldest sister was one of the lead waitresses and she was a total biatch. My favorite was, well, didn't really have a good one so I went in the Air Force at 17...
  6. Squirrel_Slayer

    Squirrel_Slayer New Member

    Worst job - the one that I am at now. Insurance sucks!!!
    Best job - the very first one that I had. It was as a mechanic at a bicycle and snowboard/ski shop. We did everything but work there. Ha ha ha!!!
  7. spittinfire

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    I had a job working in a burger joint for a while. Worked with 1/2 my soccer team and a couple other guys I really close with so going to work was more like hanging out with my friends. It was a good gig for the time.

    I was a laborer for a construction company for a couple of summers which was less then fun. The owner gave us a job because he wanted to not because he needed us. Wasn't the best job but I was thankful for it.
  8. stalkingbear

    stalkingbear Well-Known Member

    Worst job-dishwasher at an Italian restaurant.
    Best job-working at a machine shop as apprentice.
  9. dunerunner

    dunerunner New Member

    Least favorite - Picking strawberries....up at 4:30am work 'till 4:00pm, paid by the flat; no hourly wages here!

    Most favorite - Driving a wholesale specialty foods delivery for a small businessman. Hard work, interesting work, took me to restaurants I would have never tried.
  10. saviorslegacy

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    You guys are lucky, there were jobs to be had when you were younger.
    I am 18 and still can't get a job. I have 26 pending applications right now and still no go. I have made it a point to try and hand each one to the manager.

    They are just not hiring young people. There are to many Mexicans and to many older people who want jobs. I had manager tell me, "Why would I hire you when I have 28 year olds with a family to support asking for a job?"
    -_- Times right now suck.
  11. Highpower

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    Least favorite was being the sole sandblaster for an industrial coatings company. Spent all day sandblasting THOUSANDS of 3 x 6 x 3/16" steel plates to a specified finish - used for the application and testing of various paints and protective coatings. (Heat, cold, acid bath, salt spray, etc., etc.)
    It was a treat to get an occasional structural I-beam to blast for a change of pace. Used for testing of building fireproofing (iron work). Even wearing the hood, you come home with sand embedded in just about every orifice. :mad:

    Favorite was working for a neighborhood full-service (remember those?) Amoco station. Got to run around town in a wrecker towing vehicles and the station owner made me the morning "manager" of the place. So I had the keys to everything (including his Harley) and his permission to use any of it at any time, with his blessing. I do believe I wore the tires out on that Harley. Towed a lot of "projects" home with the wrecker too. Good times. :D
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  12. Highpower

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    Bear, been there - done that. A good friend of mine (now my brother-in-law) got me the job there when I was between jobs. He was one of the day chefs there. The reason it was one of my worst jobs was not because I didn't like it. It was due to the fact that he would pick out the biggest, thickest steak he could find in the walk-in cooler and grill it up for me for lunch every day. :eek:

    The lunches were free but I'm paying the price NOW, as I'm still working on loosing the weight from all that great food from back THEN. :eek:
  13. CA357

    CA357 New Member Supporter

    Best job was working at a small amusement park. I got to ride everything free as much as I wanted. It made dating really cheap. :D

    I didn't have a worst job. My next job was as stock boy at a large drug store and I enjoyed it. Then, like Dave, I was off to the Air Force at age seventeen.
  14. Bigcountry02

    Bigcountry02 Coffee! If your not shaking, you need another cup Supporter

    Best Job - worked at Braum's Ice Cream and Dairy Stores. The best part was serving ice cream, summer months, the Dallas heat and the women wearing the t-shirts.

    Second best - worked at Howard's Department Store and what went on in the back warehouse after work!
  15. orangello

    orangello New Member

    I had a couple of large paper routes as a youngster that kept me in snackage & video game tokens & bought my second bicycle.

    I had a GREAT job in high school and my first year of JC; i worked at a little trophy & sign shop. It would've been very blah, but the owner was hilarious, always going out of town leaving the inmates to run the asylum. I received more than one paycheck made out to a nickname :rolleyes: . His scuba gear provided endless entertainment for us when things were slow, and when things weren't slow, i really liked putting the trophies together, running the computerized engraver, and hand engraving the platters ("hand" with a guided stylus). It was tough on thumbs though; i had to get part of mine stitched back together (finished the order first) and had to drive a coworker to the ER to get a thumb/table saw problem fixed and heard the grisley on how another coworker took off her fingertips with a plastic cutter. I still remember rushing a late order off to UPS to be shipped out and returning to see my boot standing up in a pile of packing paper in the parking lot. I also remember having three different figurines for 'coon hunting; those guys were a trip with regular competitions. The trophy/sign guy is an accounting client now, still a hoot.

    As far as a "bad Job", my friends and i were always mowing yards & such for extra money; in the South MS summer heat and humidity, i didn't just LOVE yardwork, but the extra cash was nice.
  16. buckhuntr

    buckhuntr Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporter

    Worst job: I was in college and worked during summer and Christmas breaks at the spread mill where my Grandma worked as a serger. Hot, dusty textile factory work for minimum wage (late 1970s).

    Best job: going with my Dad to help unload backhauls. He was a longhaul trucker who carried carpet out, and anything that could be arranged on the way back. The drivers got paid cash to unload themselves, or to pay the guys who hung out by the shipping docks to earn a little cash off the books. For a HS kid, $50 for a few hours work moving cases of canned goods or 50# bags of Idaho taters was pretty good money.
  17. Yunus

    Yunus Active Member

    Best Job - tie between 2
    Hechinger (same as Lowe's or Home Depot) - people were great, hours were not bad and it was surprisingly fun for a cash register job.

    Working IT - I did an internship in high school, boss paid me anyways. I had more freedom than 99% of high school jobs. I drove to the appointments, so there was always a little flex time to stop for food or whatever. I was a 17 year old walking into a business and telling them how to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on their IT infrastructure, that was pretty cool.

    Worst Job - Circuit City commissioned sales person. I averaged 12 hours a day 6 days a week. The people were great but the work sucked, I made good money but management was never happy and wanted me to push a 3 year warranty plan on a $20 cordless phone and sell a $75 surge protector on a $400 computer. I would make $3 selling the computer and $10 selling the surge protector.
  18. Squirrel_Slayer

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    What happened to Dogs post about the paper route and the job at TCBY? I'm thinking about going and getting a job at the local ice cream place now. Was his post inappropriate?!?!? :)
  19. Texanbybirth

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    Worst - Digging ditches for sprinkler systems - or working in clothing stores in high school.

    Best - I work on emergency power equipment in the field. I'm dispatched from my house. I have good insurance, car allowance, tax breaks, free gas, and I'm paid for my travel time also. (not a teenage job)

    A close second was fixing jets in the USAF. The job was fun and the people I worked with were great, but it didn't pay very well. (ok for a teenager going into the military)
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  20. SHSBulldog06

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    Worst: Grocery store helper. It sucked getting minimum wage on a Friday and Saturday night sweeping the parking lot while your friends are riding up and down the road cruisin' town.

    Most Worst: Industrial insulation. Being hot and sweaty all day with the insulation sticking to me. Paid pretty decent for being around 18.

    Best: Beginning my Instrument and Electrical tech career right after college. Us electrical techs used to play war with the mechanics with rubber balls while running from each other on E-Z Go golf carts...but they out numbered us 3 to 12...we got our butts kicked often. Lots of fun at that place, too bad it shut down, I guess some folks were to busy horseplaying to do any work.:confused: