Technical Question - Nikon Monarch 8-32x50

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    First I want to thank those of you who responded to my other the chnical question on the Remington 700. Its nice to know that you can get quick responses to questions and the answers dont make you feel dumb for asking. Here is my new question:

    A friend of mine loaned me a Nikon, Monarch 8-32x50 in hopes that I would buy it from him to try out on my new Rem 243. In doing some research on this scope, I see that it is no longer manufactured by Nikon. If any of you have one of these scopes, is it a good buy for $500. and or should I look elsewhere. I know that good optics is important but it is now a matter of economics unless there is an increase in social security I am going to have to save a lot longer. I dont want that buyer remorse feeling that I should have bought current vs old technology. Thanks Skip.
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    It is in the price range of a new Monarch. My concern would be, does it match your rifle well. The power is too high, unless all you wanna do is slow deliberate long distance shooting. Even when down to 8x, the scope will sit tall on the rifle to clear the large bell. You may need a cheekrest taller than the factory buttstock. Then the rifle will not necessarily shoulder well. You need to try out the scope mounted before paying for it. I am fastidious about this, but personal styles vary.

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    I'd only be echoing what he said. ^^^^^^^^^^^
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    For a 243 your much better off with a decent 3-9x

    Just my opinion. I can go into depth why later if your intrested
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    Mercator, SSGN_Doc, and JonM. Thank you very much for your sincere comments. I anticipate receiving my rifle next week and will try your suggestions. Never thought about the height issue. I have a3x9 Weaver on a 308 Winchester, so will try that one also. Research, research, research, I should have a NSF grant with all the web sites I have been visiting. Thanks again for your assistance.
  6. Axxe55

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    IMO. the nikon scopes are good scopes. now the big question is this, is this 243 going to be used for hunting or target shooting? if hunting, unless you are going to use it strictly for varmint type hunting, i would skip getting the 8-32 power scope, or if you are planning on shootine pretty much targets at long range. for most hunting with that caliber, i would suggest a 3-9 or at most a 4-12 power scope. just my thoughts.
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    I have a nikon monarch 3-9x40 on my Marlin XL7. Got it for about $160 after tax. For the price, it is a VERY good scope. Glass is clear, magnification is nice, good eye relief, and it even has a BDC in it. Would I rather have a leupold? Hell yea, but not for $300 - $400. The Monarch is a very good scope from my experience. And I can see pretty far out with just a 3-9, plenty for hunting in a distance that I feel comfortable with taking a shot at a animal.
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