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I recently took a couple of new shooters to my local indoor range at Adventure Outdoors in Smyrna, GA. We shoot a Ruger Single Six Convertible, an Enfield No 1. Mk 2*, and a S&W SW9VE Enhanced Sigma. It was fun to work our way up from the .22 to the 9mm.

The Single Six was the perfect revolver to train new shooters with. Surprisingly we all did great with the Enfield even though it has a very heavy trigger pull. We enjoyed the 9mm, but I did have a couple of issus with it. For some reason, it would fail to hold the slide open when empty. That's the first time I've had that problem. I wonder if put it back together a little wrong last time I cleaned it or what. . .

Shooting Range Report: Teaching New Shooters at a Range in Georgia

BTW, the Remington Range at Adventure Outdoors in Smyrna, GA, is really nice. It has 17 positions, state of the art air ventilation, a good backstop, and plenty of friendly safety-oriented staff. It is very professionally run. They don't rent eye and ear protection so bring your own or buy some inexpensive stuff there.
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