Teacher Deems Student’s American Flag Drawing ‘Offensive’

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by AcidFlashGordon, May 11, 2010.

  1. AcidFlashGordon

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    The teacher told the student she couldn't draw the flag because it was offensive but the teacher praised another student's drawing of the Joke-in-Chief. [​IMG]

    My comment to that teacher? [​IMG]
  2. DrumJunkie

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    That teacher is offensive to me. Doesn't that mean that they need to be more PC to spare my patriotic feelings?


    IGETEVEN New Member

    Pitiful. No offense to any Art teachers out there, except those with the same mind-frame as this one, I am only expressing my colorful artsy side in language..."What a 'effen moron!"

    I guess that kind of explains why that teacher is not a history teacher. :rolleyes:

  4. opaww

    opaww New Member

    The people in her district need to ban together and demand the commie teacher be fired, and be deported to one of her commie countries. Or just exicute the teachers un-American ***
  5. pandamonium

    pandamonium New Member

    That "teacher" should definitly be needing to look for Other employment. I definitly would not want that teacher teaching my children! She is, of course entitled to her opinion, but the students are also entitled to not have to hear it!
  6. colmustard

    colmustard New Member

    Heard that today on am radio, about made me spit my sweet tea all over my dash board! Were do they get off saying/doing things like this, why do they mock the very thing and pepole who gave them the life they love and enjoy? Yet were the bad pepole! The common working person footing the bills and doing the right thing! I am so sick of all this socilalist commie filth streaming from these so called teachers mouth! And all the while nothing is done but a slap on the wrist, then they go back to indroctinating the childern of our country with there ill moral and un ethical views!!-sorry had to vent.:eek:
  7. dunerunner

    dunerunner New Member

    Agreed!! Quoted for truth!
  8. Lowrider

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    As presented, I agree with the comments above. However, I wonder why they don't show the actual picture the girl did? If I heard right they said it was a picture like this, but with dots (or something like that). I think we need to see the actual picture or at least tell us why they can't.

    If it was a picture of the american flag with God Bless America on it, I would guess it was the God part that the teacher had the problem with.

    Would love to know more.
  9. Yunus

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    I'm guessing the teacher was referring to the word God on it, not the flag itself. Still totally stupid and the teacher needs to be disciplined or let go.
  10. dunerunner

    dunerunner New Member

    In California, students recite the pledge of allegiance every day "One Nation Under God!"!!

    If the teacher had protested the pledge as well, this argument would be valid. When asked what was offensive about the 13 year olds drawing of the flag, the teacher did not respond.

    It's time to do away with tenure and the teachers unions!! :mad:
  11. spittinfire

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    What happen to American pride? This nation used to be proud of what it was and what it stood for. It seems like more and more I'm hearing about it's own citizens hating it. if this place is so bad, get the heck out!!!!

    Dune, you are 100% correct about teachers unions and tenure....both are complete BS.
  12. NitroxAZ

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    If the American Flag was the offensive part, this isiot of a teacher should try living in a third world country for a few years and then check back in to see if she thinks the same way.

    If it was the God Bless America part that was offensive. She and her ilk should be barraged with the fact that it is offensive to us that do believe in God that they don't and quit taking the abuse that is only doled out to Christians. Every other group these days is immune from the PC crowd but they do not have a problem attacking Christians. We need to start standing up for ourselves and back them down. The totally illogical part of the whole thing is that they are able to get away with this nonsense because we as Christians will let people live and let live. Try this behavior in a Muslim country and you will be jailed if your lucky and killed if your not.

    Bottom line is that these type of people are lucky to live in this Great Nation where they are insulated from the real world.
  13. ALSGUN

    ALSGUN New Member

    I have a few words for the teacher, well you know what they are...
  14. cpttango30

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    I am not defending the douche bag liberal teacher.

    There are always two sides to the story. The story on Fox didn't show the real picture. Why did they not show the original picture the girl drew? I am still up in the air about this whole thing.

    If she worked for me I would fire that teacher no matter what the picture looked like. If you have concerns about a picture you need to take it up with the home room teacher and the admin of the school then everyone make a decision on how to go about it. The girl didn't look like a degenerate that was out to cause problems. She simply drew a picture of what she wanted to draw.