Taylor's .31 Remington Pocket Revolver

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    Oops...In the video I say this gun is made by Uberti, but it is actually made by Pietta. My apologies. In 1865, with the civilian market for big bore swamped with surplus Civil War handguns, Remington developed a pocket-sized .31 caliber revolver for the concealed carry market. Today Taylor's & Company in Winchester, Virginia offers a replica of this little pistol, made by Pietta in Italy. In this video I'll put it through its paces in both cap & ball mode, and with the optional cartridge conversion cylinder chambered for .32 S&W cartridges.

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    I have one of the 1858 Remington NMA replicas in .44 with a 6 or 8 inch barrel that I really like. I have wondered about these little beauties. I love the trigger.