Taylor's 1865 Spencer Carbine

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    I think it was the best U.S. cavalry arm of the 19th century.

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    I've shot an original Spencer a fair amount. I bought a breech block for one of the new made ones and some brass. the breech block required NO fitting!!! I still don't believe it and I'm the one who put it in. Shoots high though and I'm reluctant to change the front sight blade as it is worn very thin. But still fun to shoot. I had tried a couple original shells but they didn't go off. Then I made a few brass cases that used a 22 case for the primer and you had to load them very carefully one at time to turn them just right to fire them. The new breech block was the answer to shooting it. The Spencer is a fun gun.

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    A friend , who was deployed in Iraq at the time, had ordered a Taylor and Co. Spencer, and asked asked me to make up some ammo for it, so when he got back he could shoot it. I got some bullets from local Montana caster, some Starline brass and proceeded to load some rounds. When I went to test fire, no bang. I looked at the round in the chamber and the firing pin had hit the very edge of the primer. I advised my friend of the problem and he said he'd have his wife ship it back to Taylor and Co. I'd have loved to have shot it. I'm thinking I'd have preferred a Henry if I'd wanted a repeater during the Civil war, though. Best cavalry arm of the 19th century ? I'd vote for the Krag-Jorgensen .30/40.
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