Taylor MI PPC Competition

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    First time in competition. Forgot to write down my scores. Entered both events with multiple shots, magazines, positions, etc. Here's the link Didn't do the worst, didn't do the best, pleased with my performance. Went with some special ammo from my fav commercial reloader, and it helped. First series I forgot to grab the grip the new way that seems to help overcome some trigger issues.

    SWMBO was sitting in the control booth, and apparently the guy running it was surprised I'm such a new shooter, yea for me :) They weren't really happy with me using my carry gun in the competition as I had to unload my carry ammo first. Too many people running around, but communication was the key. I was impressed with their overall concern for safety.

    Crap load of firearms and other prizes being given away. I'm hoping SWMBO is going to shoot it tomorrow, but she's also getting a filling taken care of in the morning, so she may not be up to it :( The odds of winning a firearm are something like 12:1 ! Banquet is Sunday, so we'll see how I ended up in the competition. I know one person shot 60 shots in like a 2" circle!

    Best part, we may have found a new range to shoot at :)