Taurus TCP Initial Range Report

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    I took my new TCP to the range today. The only .380 ammo I could find locally was PMC Bronze 90 and Independence, both 90 gr FMJ. The pistol comes with two magazines.

    Prior to taking it to the range, I had field stripped, cleaned, and lubed it. I then exercised the slide and action 100 times. Again, I field stripped, cleaned and lubed it. I then exercised the slide and action another 100 times. This was to lap the slide against the barrel hood to reduce the possibility that it might not return to battery. I don't know that this was necessary; I just didn't want that to be a question in the event I had a problem of that nature at the range.

    I started with 50 rounds of the PMC ammo. The pistol is capable of 6+1 loading. I performed six straight re-loads, then two 6+1 re-loads. The first two times I used mag #1, it seated with some difficulty, needing an additional short slap to catch. After that, no such issues with straight re-loads. The last two PMC re-loads were 6+1. In both cases, the magazines seated with some difficulty. I am guessing that the mag seating problems were related to new magazine springs. Any other thoughts? No malfunctions with the PMC ammo.

    50 rounds of Independence ammo; six straight re-loads and two 6+1 re-loads as before. The first use of each magazine had no malfunctions. Then, each magazine exhibited two failures to eject. In all cases, the brass had been pulled partly out of the chamber. I'm guessing that the extractor had lost the tug-of-war against the very dirty chamber. These rounds really made the pistol filthy. Grains of partly burned powder littered the shooting area.

    On the fourth use of mag #1 with Independence ammo, the follower could not be pushed down to accept more than 2 rounds. I think that the really dirty ammo had caused this jamming. When I cleaned the magazine back home, the follower and back corners of the magazine were found to have lots of un-burned powder.

    The next logical test sequence would be SD ammo, preferably after a magazine had seen at least 40 rounds of a relatively clean ammo like the PMC.

    Any other recommendations on practice ammo that is cleaner than the Independence?
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    try some cci blazers. cheap, clean and accessible. the only problem is aluminum shells, if you don't reload it's not a problem.