Taurus TCP .380

Discussion in 'Concealed Carrying & Personal Protection' started by jhughe11, May 26, 2012.

  1. jhughe11

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    I'm thinking about getting one in the next couple of weeks so I can carry concealed with whatever I'm wearing. Is it a good gun for the money? I like that it's only $199 NIB and that the guy who owns the gun store will throw in a wallet holster. I also like the fact that I can carry it even if I'm in basketball shorts. Any advice or other alternative suggestions would be greatly appreciated :). (BTW $200 is my top price to spend on this. Saving up for a sub compact glock is not something I can do lol).

    Thanks guys!!
  2. Ranger-6

    Ranger-6 New Member

    Nice gun with a good price; I seen them at $269.00.

  3. enit2winit

    enit2winit New Member

    I've had one for several months and it has become my primary carry. I've put maybe 500 rounds through it. Had a few issues at first, but after the first cleaning, it's been perfect.
  4. DAC

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    I have a TCP .380 for CC and like it well enough. Very dependable with three different brands of ammo. Very easy to conceal, I got it since I am disabled and a larger pistol is difficult to carry-had to keep my Taurus 24/7 in a pack. Drawbacks are unpleasant recoil and nearly useless sights. It does what I wanted though-I can carry in my pocket and the price is right. If I could get anything it would probably something like the new thin 9mm or .40. I think they have the best both of full size pistols and smallest compacts, easy to conceal, light, reasonable recoil, decent sights and single/double action. I have found that with the TCP I don't like DAO. This is just my personal choice though, nothing wrong with them. I understand the money problem but if there is any way you can save a few more bucks you will probably be happy with the choice.