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    Last week I purchased two Taurus revolvers, my first and last. I purchased a 941 in .22 WRM with a 4" barrel. At the store I was told not to worry about the stiff (I needed both thumbs to cock it) hammer pull as there was a hammer tension adjustment inside the grip. When I got home, I read the manual and sure enough, it showed the procedure to adjust the hammer tension.

    Surprise, when I removed the grip, my gun looked nothing like the picture in the manual. I brought the gun back to the dealer and requested that he have the hammer adjusted to a useably level and was informed that this was normal for a .22 WRM, when I requested a refund I was told that he had to send the gun back to Taurus and they would decide.

    I called Taurus customer service and was told that if the hammer pull was within their limits they would only send the gun back to the dealer. I don't know what the hammer pull is, but the double action trigger pull is in excess of 20 Lbs. When I asked about the procedure for hammer tension adjustment shown in the manual, I was informed that it was for an discontinued model and not available on my gun, but they still sent the obsolete manual whit the current model gun.

    Has anyone had a similar experience and I'm open to suggestions on what I should do, aside from small claims court. :mad:
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    First welcome to the forum. If the DA trigger is wayyy too stiff you can take it to your local gunsmith for a complete action tune. It'll slick up the action and reduce the felt DA pull by at least 1/2 if not more. It does require a tad more tension to reliably ignite the primer inside the stronger rim of the .22 WMR cartridge as opposed to .22LR or centerfire. 20 pounds is WAYYYY out of line for a DA trigger pull.

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    You can try threatening them with small claims court.

    I wish you had come here first and asked about Taurus. We would have given you a proper review.
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    +1 on the review, here's mine;

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    ^^^^^What he said
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    A friend of mine had a similar problem with a taurus revolver. He called taurus cust. service and they told him to send it back to taurus. It needed the trigger adjusted as well. Within two weeks he had the revolver back and they paid all postage and even sent the fex-ex guy to pick up the gun. He had great cust. service from taurus!
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    I still think you'll wind up with a LOT better trigger if you take it to a gunsmith for an action tune as opposed to simply returning it to the factory.