Taurus PT92 and Kel-Tec Sub2000 magazine compatibility?

Discussion in 'Auto & Semi-Auto Discussion' started by Lindenwood, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. Lindenwood

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    I have a Taurus PT92, and am interested in getting the Kel-Tec SUB2000 with provisions for the Beretta 92 magazines.

    Is there a way I could get these two firearms to share magazines with all functions (slide lock, etc)?

    1) Could I modify my Taurus magazines to work both in the Taurus and the Beretta mag well (ive heard this won't work, but I'd like to make sure)?

    2) Could I buy Beretta magazines and modify them so they work both in the beretta mag well and the taurus?

    That would be a major selling point, being able to share magazines.


    Oh and on my PT92 I have the mag release on the right side instead of the left. It sounds like I could grind the notch on the left side (required to fit the taurus), and leave it the same on the right side (to fit the Beretta mag well in the Kel-Tec)?
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  2. raph84

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    I know I'm bringing a thread back from the dead with my first post, but does anyone have answers on this?

    I'm looking for a cheap hi cap 9mm with mags that interchange with Sub 2000 (also a prospective purchase) but I'm not gonna consider the pt-92 if it can't be jury rigged interchange