Taurus PT 22 pistol help adjusting firing pin

Discussion in 'Taurus Forum' started by scrick, Jan 21, 2015.

  1. scrick

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    I just got a firing pin for my Taurus PT 22 Handgun. 8 shot clip.Has a break barrel. Double action.
    When I installed the firing pin it was sticking out of the slide so much that it scored the cartridge when I closed the barrel.
    I filed it down a bit but don't know how far to go.
    Does anyone know if it should protrude out the slide and contact the casing. I would assume it should not protrude out of the slide. But If it was flush at the end I'm not sure if there would be enough throw for it to strike the cartridge when the hammer strikes the pin.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. c3shooter

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    I moved your thread to the Taurus Handgun section. You posted in the section that deals with the website itself.

    Second- STOP what you are doing. You are in danger of getting an "out of battery firing". Making the cartridge fire before the gun is closed. This can hurt you badly dead.

    The firing pin should not protrude beyond the face of the slide except when it is struck by the hammer. It goes forward, compressing the firing pin spring. After it strikes the rear of the cartridge, that spring pushes the firing pin back to it's "at rest" position. IF it protrudes, it is like to cause the gun to fire as you load it and close the barrel.

    The correct firing pin should not require filing. Either you have the wrong pin, or there are other problems with the gun. You need to take this to a gunsmith.

    Attached is the owner's manual, which has an exploded drawing of your pistol. Compare your firing pin to the one in the pictures.