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    My father bought a Taurus PT 111, just to have a new handgun, shot it twice and put it away. My brother and I got it out and striped it and cleaned it completely then shot 24 rounds. No FTF or FTE, just the slide was hard to move by hand. Not the normal new gun hard, very hard, had to pull back and push forward. Cleaned again, still stuck but will cycle through a full mag. Also at 5 yds shoots 5"low and 6" left. The sights are not adjustable. I don't own a Taurus, my brother owns 6. Will Taurus fix the gun or sell it?
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    Taurus has a GREAT warranty.but they have to.

    SELL THAT POS and cut your loses. I had 1 taurus. The PT-145, the "big brother" of the one you have. It spent more time at the factory getting fixed than it did in my safe. EVERY damn time i took it out and cycle some rounds thru it, it broke.

    Learned me good about taurus and their "quality products"!

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    Yeah I'm not a Taurus fan either.
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    I will say I had a Taurus pt 24/7c that I shot the living snot of the short time I had it. 1000+ rounds w/o a hiccup...I only got rid of it to get my g17
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    I own a taurus pt 24/7 pro ds the one in my profile pic and have never ever had a single problem with it. Ive put a ton of rnds thru it and they were fast smooth and flawless not to mention VERY accurate and very easy to b accurate rapid firing
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    My PT145 has 5000 rounds through it of every kind of ammo I could find to test in it and it has never had even ONE problem of any kind. It is a fantastic gun. You have to get a Third Generation model if you want a good one. The first two generations had some problems. But when I bought mine I checked the Taurus board and every board I could fine and I never saw one single complaint about the 3rd generation models. They did later have some issues with mags not feeding but it was the mags, not the gun. Different mags always fixed the problem. I have 4 mags for mine and all of them work perfectly though.

    A lot of people want to bad mouth Taurus when in fact if you look around a whole bunch of people love them. As for being accurate, my friend set up 3 .45 casings on weeds with 2 of them at 20 yards and the third one at 25 yards. I shot the first two with my first two shots. I emptied the mag trying to hit the third one but kept missing by about an inch. For a gun with a barrel shorter than 3" that's pretty danged accurate IMO.

    In short, my PT145 is a fantastic gun. It's not like I can't afford a more expensive gun either. I have a Sig P220, a XDm in .40 caliber, and a S&W 629 I could be carrying with me but I take the Taurus every time. It's a perfect CCW gun IMO. Yes they have a lifetime warranty but they also have a mag that holds 10 rounds in the space it takes most pistols to hold 6. BTW if your sights aren't adjustable you don't have a 3rd. generation model. They adjust for windage anyway. The Straight 8 sights were the only thing I didn't like about my PT145 so I replaced them with night sights. Now I have perfect sights too not to mention a nice LaserLyte V2 laser on the rail.

    +1 on the accurate firing too. The recoil comes straight back on my Taurus which means acquiring the target again is fast and easy. It also has grips that are perfect for my hand and that's pretty amazing considering other guns in it's size range never fit my hand right. I was actually looking for a Glock when I bought it but I couldn't find one that fit my hands right. A LGS owner steered me toward the Taurus and wow am I glad he did.

    I wouldn't sell my PT145 for twice the price I paid for it.
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    I've had a Taurus PT145 since '05, and have put a few thoesand rounds thru it. I only had a problem with it jamming the first couple of magazines when it was new. I finally figured out it was because I was limp-wristing it. I got a firmer grip on it, and have never had any problem with it since. I used it to qualify for my CWP, carry it a little, shoot it a lot, and am very happy with it. It is the gun I literally keep in bed with me (even though there's no hair around the muzzle :) ), because it's short length forward of the trigger guard doesn't leave much for a perp to grab if he wants to disarm me, it shoots perfectly well to at least 50 feet, is a .45, and holds 10+1 rounds.