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    Dear experienced friends,

    I'm interested of getting a revolver. The one i like is Taurus M85 UltraLite. I know S&W brand is more popular. Reasons why i like this Taurus (85SS2UL) are because: love the model, cheap its only $280 and light weight.

    My questions:
    What are your opinions and experiences based on this model? Reliability, durability and etc??
    Should i get the wolff spring kit? I heard the DA trigger/hammer is hard.
    It uses .38 spl ammo. I own Glock 19 which uses 9mm ammo. Is .38 lighter or heavier ammo in impact factor?

    Thank you for your inputs. Oncr again i apologise if this is a newbie thread. Revolver is a new world to me. ;)
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    I'll comment to say that personally I like taurus and rossi revolvers. As far as the ballistics of a 9MM vs a .38SPL, I'll have to leave that to someone else. One thing to point out though, while neither of those are as powerful as, say, a .44 Mag, they are both manstoppers.

    As far as the DA trigger pull, they can be lightened up quite a bit with spring kits, but something I've noticed with my smith and wesson is that the trigger pull was smoother and broke cleaner, with a much more positive trigger reset before putting the mods in.

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    I carreid a taurus 85SS for 20 years. I did change the hammer spring 4 1/2 years back for my girls to use.and practice with years. I took the trigger group parts out and did a little bit of polishing and smoothing edges and used a few drops of break free clp for lube. It allways had a very good trigger at around 8lbs. But now with the wolff hammer spring only it is a remarkable 4lb 4 oz DA pull and 2lb 6oz SA pull. It has allway fire rounds reliably and NO custon sw da could possibly be as good. Never been in for any repare. I have let several friend use it in there CC class's of the last couple years. I now carry semi-auto 9mm pistols.

    If you buy a new handgun today ,you allways take a bit of a chance on getting piece of poop . Do take as much apart as you can and clean your handgun and oil with some break free clp to be sure its in good well lubed shape before banging away with anything you buy. Just learn about your new firearm.

    Now answer this if you will. Have you shot your glock enough to be very comforable with it and are you happy with the feel of it. Would you carry it. If you answer YES then why not look to buy a glock 26. You can use your g19 mags at the range and everthing is all ready known to you. You really should not change the feel and trigger design that you are use when you start to carry.. If you will not carry a g19 and use it only as a fun gun then it does not matter. I have changed to carry'n a Kahr CM 9 and CW9. Light weight. One for pocket carry and one for IWB. But the trigger pull is almost the same in lenght of pull and feel, both use a DA type trigger and point the same.

    The power between a 9mm and a 38 are basically the same .
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    I own a Taurus 617 in 357 mag and have been very happy with it. 280.00 is a good price.
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    Thx guys.. you all helped me into my considerations. Appreciate it ;)