Taurus M72 22 Magnum

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  1. 12fretter

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    A friend owed me some money, and didn't have it, so he gave me a brand new, never fired, in the box, Taurus M72.

    I'll be taking this to the range either today or Friday. What can I expect? Is this a decent weapon? Should I think about a scope? What can be effectively hunted by a .22 magnum? Deer?

    Thanks for any comments. You won't hurt my feelings no matter what.
  2. dks7895

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    No experience with a Taurus M72. But I wouldn't hunt deer with a 22WMR. Fox or raccoon would be the max. Some folks use them on coyotes at short range.

  3. Rex in OTZ

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    Taurus M72

    I bought a stainless carbine version, its one the best .22 investments Ive ever made, ranks rite up there with my Winchester 9422.

    I'll can tell you its made if Brazil, machined all of steel, only plastic on it is the plastic butt plate, It has some sort od dark walnut looking wood, from all the tauruses rifles I'd seen they all had attractive figured wood, the import laws they equiped the bolt with a lever safty (I never use it) and a Taurus hammer block key type disabler (never use it)
    Right out the box it shot spot on at 25yards without messing with sights, never had any problems with it so far, now going on its 4th year here in Arctic Alaskan coast, Its the kids fave hunting .22 rimfire.

    Pic's from this Sept along the OTZ Sound.

    I cannot ethickly say you should shoot deer with a .22mag that would be irresponsible of me, I can tell you that quite a few Caribou have been harvested in my region of Northwest Alaska by knowledgable hunters useing the .22mag round.

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    HOSSFLY New Member

    Pretty good gun from wat i hear BUT PLEASE dont shoot a deer with it :(
  5. 12fretter

    12fretter New Member

    OK, no deer...no problem. I can't wait to go shoot this thing. 12+1 pump, lightweight...might be a perfect SHTF, take-with-you gun.