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Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by The Hillbilly, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. The Hillbilly

    The Hillbilly Guest

    Just curious if there are any Taurus lovers out here. I use a Taurus .38 special Ultralite for my ccw and a Raging Bull in .44 Mag
  2. NGIB

    NGIB New Member

    The only one I own (a 24/7 Pro) has been back at the Taurus shop for 4 of the 5 weeks I've owned it with a trigger problem. Not a fan right now...

  3. matt g

    matt g Guest

    I'd take a Judge if someone wanted to give me one, but I wouldn't go out of my way to own a Taurus.
  4. ridgez28

    ridgez28 New Member

    I have a Raging Hornet and a 980 and have had no problems with them. I enjoy both.
  5. greenjeans

    greenjeans New Member

    I have two Model 85's now, an Ultralite and an older stainless version. Have had several others including a couple of the Millenium Series and have never had a problem with any of them. I carry the UL quite a bit.
  6. rachilders

    rachilders New Member

    I really like my PT-945. A great gun!!

  7. Boris

    Boris New Member

    Warning All Taurus Lovers

    My late pal Bill Powell from Texas had a habit of buying each of his girlfriends a .38 spl Taurus snubby and teaching them to shoot it. It was a practice that I mentioned that might not be a good idea, as there was so many that I am sure Taurus should have put him on the board of directors!

    Naturally girlfriends tended to overlap, sometimes to an alarming degree, well one night his luck ran out, a particular hot blooded Hispanic girl called by unexpectedly to find him.........well indisposed with a current amour. She forced her way in the front door past him, and a domestic ensued. He managed to bungle her out of the front door screaming and shouting (he in underpants and socks!) she grabbed her purse! Yes, you guessed it, as she pulled the Taurus from her purse he slammed the front door. The girl fired three rounds through the door hitting him twice in the upper left arm.

    Well the story had a happy ending, he didn't file charges and had full mobility back in the arm in six months, oh yes he looked her up three months after the domestic and resumed the romance......... I might not agree with Bill's political views but I will miss that colourful crazy character...........
  8. hdfxrs91

    hdfxrs91 New Member

    I have a Taurus PT92 and an old .38 Spl made in 1962. I used to have a 66 in stainless, but traded it for a Glock 30. I actually regret doing that.
  9. pioneer461

    pioneer461 New Member

    Don't know if I would call myself a "lover" of Taurus, but I own a couple. I have a model 617, 7 shot .357 magnum 2", that I carry when I'm in the mood to carry a revolver. My wife carries a model 85 UltraLite .38 spl. I find both of them to be reliable and as accurate as any other handgun I own. In fact, I qualify annually with the 617 for my HR-218 qualification, revolver course.

    Model 617...

    Model 85...
  10. shoez

    shoez Guest

    I used to have a 441 .44 special 4" barrel. I really liked that gun, but I traded it. Can anybody else relate to that? I wish they still made it. I also used to have a 605 .357 Mag. Brutal gun to shoot, and not accurate. I had a PT99 9mm and a PT945 also. Both good.
  11. angel

    angel Guest

    I own a model 85 ulta lite 38 special 2" barrel blued and it has the gold hammer the gold trigger and even the mother of pearl grips... This gun even has the recole on top I love shooting it at night because you can actually see red come from the top of the barrel...I love shooting this revolver it is sweet and I have had no problems....You have to appreciate fine guns and I have to say this is one of them...Taurus is one of the best that I carry all the time if ain't my Smith and Wesson 38.....
  12. seedy

    seedy Member

    I have three.I keep a mdl85 UL in the nightstand and plink with a mdl94 5" revolver and a mdl 63 autoloading rifle both in 22lr. I think you pretty well get what you pay for. My 94 has a slight blemish on the barrel and the rifle took a while to break in. overall I am satisfied. I recently bought a smith 647 that I had to send back for service to fix a sticky cylinder. Even if the fit and finish is better on the more expensive firearms #@$% happens. :eek:
  13. stalkingbear

    stalkingbear Well-Known Member

    Taurus revolvers

    In the eariler days taurus was pretty close to lousy in design and quality control was spotty. In the last 15 years taurus has made a dramatic leap ib both areas. I/we have a matching pair of titaninum model 445 .44 special revolvers,and carry them on a daily basis. While we own both,we trust our lives to these revolvers.
  14. scoutman

    scoutman Guest


    Now that's a damn funny story. For a moment there, I thought I was reading one of Skeeter's books. Nice work. FWIW, I picked up a couple of Taurus SA clones back in 06'. Decent guns at the very least. Much better than most of the spaghetti guns a have owned over the years. Finish could stand some work, but at that price, who cares.
  15. deputy dow

    deputy dow Guest

    I purchased a Taurus 941 .22 mag, 8 shot snub nose. Its a real firecracker. I like it. I carry it when I'm on my trapline, and occasionally off duty. Ammo cost is reasonable, and at close range it will kill. I have dispatched a few deer that were hit by cars, and I know it will work on moose.(up here in Maine we get a few road kill moose)
  16. magnumman

    magnumman New Member

    I have a 605 and like it alot. I also have a couple of s&w revolvers that i love. The Taurus is just as reliable and i carry it most of the time. Its not a smith but it is a great little piece.
  17. kenl

    kenl New Member

    Wife has a 4" ss .357. Nice revolver. Only problem, the original wood grips fit poorly, so switched them out for some rubber ones.

    I have a M44 4" .44 mag that I bought from a range. It was one of their rentals. Don't know how many rounds have been shot through it, but it's still tight and accurate. Very nice trigger. Use it for my hiking and hunting backup pistol.

    Don't know about their semi-autos, but I have no problems with their wheel guns.
  18. stelliott80

    stelliott80 New Member

    I have only shot a couple of their semi-autos, and wasn't overly impressed, although, all in all, not terrible weapons, either.

    I do own a Taurus Model 44SS6 .44 Mag. that I absolutely love! Nice ported barrel, overall very nice gun. I bought it as my "bear gun" when living near Anchorage, Alaska and doing a lot of fishing (I came very close to quite a few brown bears out in the bush, but no real close calls!).

    I reload .44 Mag. with Oregan Trail Laser Cast 240 gr. lead bullets and about 21 or so grains of 2400 powder. I still shoot the thing a lot at the range, and my friends love shooting my "hand cannon." Great gun, I'd definitely buy another Taurus revolver.

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  19. Badshot320

    Badshot320 New Member


    I used to own a PT 940 that I traded in on a 17hmr Savage. Boy do I regret that. It was a flawless weapon, very accurate and after 1000+ rounds not a single jam. Im not much of a pistol shooter but 2" groups at 25yds with Federal 135 Hydros freehand were not uncommon.
  20. BEYU

    BEYU New Member

    I have a Taurus Model 66 Seven shot .357 Mag., 4 inch barrel, blued, not stainless.

    I've so far put more than 2,000 rounds through it (mostly .38 spec. for practice) with no sign of a malfunction. "Hey, Mikey, he likes it!"