Taurus Judge 3" Magnum

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    This has probably been brought up before, but what about the Taurus Judge with 3" .410 bore slugs?? How is its concealability. Also, what are the ballistics on 3" slugs out of such a short barrel?
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    Just sold mine not too ago. I also live in michigan. I found it to be a fad gun for me, really unpractical gun for my needs. First off this thing is hard to carry as a concealed weapon. It is just too bulky and large. However i do know that Tauras has come out with a smaller lighter version of the judge. I will have to say the grips were one of the most comfortable that i ever held. Felt like I was shooting a mild load of 38's. Other than that I was not much impressed.

    I originally bought it thinking that It could have multiple applications for me. Think about it you can shoot a 45, 410 sot, a slug and buckshot. Cool!!! Home defense, hunting side arm, and may be a nice gun to have around for close up partridge shot in those rare instances that you flush a bird on a trail. Not!!!!

    First off the accuracy of the 45 colt is so so. You have to be pretty close to shoot something. For me it was real inconsistant and the factory sights were piss poor. It was shooting 5" high at 15 feet. And the front sights were really rough. The front sight insert looked like someone wittled a piece plastic and stuck it in. This is Ok for home defense, but i can find better guns that shoot the same 45 colt in the same price range.

    I don't know about you but if i have to shoot someone it will be because my life is on the line. I want to be able to shoot a round or to to put the assailant down, so I am not really keen on shooting someone with bird shot. Too many variables. So bird shot for home defense is out for me. I never could get a hold of 2 1/2" buckshot "ever". i think it is just a myth that it exist. haha.. so buckshot is out for home defense. i have heard people cutting the 3" buckshot down to fit, but again, I'm not too keen on that idea either. Slug yeah you could use a slug but why if you can shoot a more accurate 45 colt round. Slug for home defense is out for me. So overall home defense is out for me on this gun.

    So I thought it would be a good side arm to take into the woods. Just not my day. I first was dissalutioned that maybe, maybe I could use it to knock a bird down if I was close enough. I do realize this was designed for self defense not hunting, but I figured I could take a bird at 25 feet. After all 25 feet is not very far. I found that the spread was so wide that you literally have to be about 5 to 10 feet maybe to take a bird. i am not really sure if the rifling causes the shot to spit out faster and spread wider, but whatever the reason it can't take bird. Might as well throw a rock at that distance. I found the bird shot spread to be over 3 feet in diameter at 15 feet. not much stricking a bird at 25 feet. And again it is not a practical gun for hunting any large or medium game unless they stand pretty for you 10 feet away. Again I can find better guns that shoots for more accurate and better suited for the job within the same price range.

    I do hear that people down south use it as an excellent snake gune. I can definately see great application for that, but fortunitly we don't have poisenous snakes in Michigan.

    Unless your just geeked out by Max Pane or you just want one really bad, I would move on to a better gun. That's just my opinion.

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    Massasauga rattlesnakes are in Michigan

    We have too many rattlesnakes here in SW Michigan for my liking. They are usually less than 24" long but love it when I find them run over by cars on my road (Black Lake Road Berrien County).
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    It might be a good "truck gun", but I wouldn't carry one.