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    :eek:I have a Taurus 94 .22.It was having some problems,alot of misfires,locking cylinder etc.Well,on May 23rd,I went to where I purchased the gun to have it shipped back to Taurus for them to honor their lifetime warranty.So I waited and waited,and eventually,46 days later,we called to see what was up.They said it would be done in a week to a week and a half,so today,26 days after we were told that,we called to see what was going on,and they said that I wasn't getting my gun back,and that they were giving me a new gun,and that it ships sometime in august.It's already been 72 days,and they say sometime this month?And how does that work anyways?I am registered to that serial number right?Do I have to get a new permit just to get the gun?Or can they somehow engrave a new gun with that number?I have no Idea how that works.
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    Several people have had problems with Taurus' customer service, they always seem to honour their warranty eventually.

    About the serial number, I know some manufacturers just trash the deffective one and engrave the the serial number on a new one. I've seen it done at the Bersa factory when a friend had the slide on his Thunder .40 replaced. However, you should call Taurus and ask.

    You mentioned the store where you bought the gun was handling the claim, if I were them I'd just give you a new revolver and then wait for the Taurus replacement. I've done that a few times at my store, the customers have always returned for another purchase.

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    I like taurus and have owned several. I currently own a pt111 milenium pro 9mm. I got it before I read all these horror stories about taurus, hopefully i'll get rid of it before it jacks up,lol.
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    I have several Taurus pistols, and so far I haven't needed any Warranty work. My Ruger Super Blackhawk needed work, and it was gone for 3 months. I don't think Taurus is any worse than Ruger... BUT I could be wrong about that.

    My CZ, Colt, Smith & Wesson, and Tokarev pistols have never needed work, and probably never will.