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EDIT: Some might miss this as my update is buried in the thread.. but the issue has been traced to the original 2 mags. Replacement mags have made the problem go away.
I recently bought a Taurus G3 and picked it up this morning full of happy anticipation as I have owned the compact G2s with much success and joy shooting many trouble free rounds through them.
I paid $328 plus tax.
Yes, this is higher than they were a year ago but the market is still a bit high for 9mm handguns.
Also this was at a Brick-and-Mortar so I saved shipping and did not have to wait for it to be shipped and there was no FFL fee involved.
I promised folks I would send a range report when I received the gun so here it is.
Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Airsoft gun

Here is a pic with the 17 round magazine inserted and the 15 round magazine next to it (those are the Mags it comes with)
The G3 aims straight at the size of what is now considered "duty" size.
The classic "duty size" guns such as the S&W M&P 9 fullsize and the Glock 17 have been replaced in the last generation in that role by the next smaller pistol on their ranges such as the M&P9C and the Glock 19

I did clean it before I took it to the range albeit not very thorough .

First the good:

  • The G3 is a good looking gun easy to like at first sight
  • It has awesome stippling even better than the M&P9 2.0 and light years above the M&P9 Gen 1 and the Glock 19
  • The dimples in the frame for thumb and fingers greatly aid in getting a good combat hold quickly and intuitively. This is awesome.
  • The angle of the grip, the entire gun, points and shoots easily the gun just fits like a glove.
  • The trigger is much improved over the G2 series guns and fires easily and quickly without undue strength used and so minimizing muzzle dip between shots. In addition to being smoother than with previous models the trigger is nice and broad too, That goes for the "blade safety" in the trigger as well.
  • It has an extrenal safety. This is a MUST have feature for me. Since I neither wear a badge nor am I deployed in "the 'Stan" I feel I need that extra safety. Remember, if you are a "mere" citizen in some jurisdictions an Accidental Discharge can be a crime. No Glocks offer this features and in theory the S&W M&P9C can be had with his but real world they are rarely carried with external safeties in gun shops anymore. But all Taurus G2s and G3s have them. I like that and its a must-have for me.

As a result of all these good ergonomics I found myself shooting quickly and accurately during this break-in session.
My strings of fire were fast and accurate. I rarely missed with this true "wonder-Nine".

But now the bad:
After the 3rd Mag, as the gun was heating up (the slide was almost too hot to touch) and getting dirty I started experiencing Failures to feed.
That is when the follow on round after a shot would not feed and get stuck during the loading process.
This is worse than the slide not going into full battery as sometimes happens with weak ammo (the CCI Blazer 115gr is not know to be a hot load).
That can be fixed quickly by simply racking the slide.
To fix this type of FTF however, I need to take out the Mag, rack the slide to drop out the old round, reinsert the mag, rack the slide to chamber the next round and then require target.
Obviously an issue.
Oddly though, a manual racking never had any FTF issues.

So today on my first outing with the gun, I shot a total of 400 rounds of CCI Blazer in 115gr FMJ in the middle of the day in the hot blazing Florida sun. And during that session experienced a total of 20-22 (ish) failures to feed.
That doesn't sound like a lot but it really saps your confidence during your strings of fire.
Otherwise my shots were quick and accurate and I rarely missed.
When I started with a clean and cool gun at least the first two magazines would be trouble free.
When the gun was hot to the touch and dirty some magazines even had two failures.

This should be an easy round to feed. Sometimes hollowpoints have trouble feeding in many guns but this is not what that is but an FMJ brass round in 115gr should feed easily.
I dont want to make excuses for the gun but there was some minor corrosion on this ammo (it had been stored for years)
Some folks say the solution is to polish the feedramp.

I am tempted to send the gun back for a fix.
Of course there is no telling when using different ammo and Mags they will be able to duplicate he issue.
This is such a wonderfully perfect firearm otherwise, it is a shame these FTFs occur.

I ordered extra mags (which arrived this afternoon) and have a case of Tula 9mm on the way.
Will try with those.
If the result is the same then I will have to send it in.

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“Wonderfully perfect” is an odd description of a 9mm that will not operate effectively even with basic round nose fodder. Just saying…
I do hope it smooths out and runs good for you. My experience with a G2C was similar, and it never smoothed out…kinda soured me personally on Taurus, but many shoot them and love em. Hope yours turns out good.

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Just went back out using 3 different Taurus magazines that I had purchased separately from the gun.
In 110 rounds only a single FTF.
Not perfect but acceptable IMO for a gun that is getting broken in with elderly economy Ammo.
I consider the issue solved.
Taurus has also agreed to replace the 2 questionable magazines for free.

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A few years ago I bought a new G2 at a very low price.
The gun feels good, very similar to the M&P. But the first time I shot it it had difficulty going into battery.
I did some research and found that it was a common problem with that pistol. The recoil spring was inherently weak.
My research also took me to LAKELINE LLC which manufacturers various parts for the Taurus G2 and other pistols.
Rather than send the gun back and wait 3 months for repair or replacement, I ordered the "Lakeline recoil system for Taurus PT111 G2"
It's a complete recoil assembly, not just the spring.
A couple of days later I got it, swapped out the original and the gun cycles perfectly.
That being said, if your replacement magazines do not fix your problem you have another place to turn.

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I am tempted to send the gun back for a fix.
Before you send it in, try a different lube. I have found some of my firearms prefer grease, some a heavy oil, and others a light oil. That is why I have a variety lubricants in different consistencies.

I know I might be chasing a red herring here, but the Brazilians tend to prefer Corrosion X for Guns so being a Taurus, it might be a good start to try that.
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