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    My father and I took my kids to the range for some target practice. My father decides to let my kids shoot his brand new Taurus .17 HMR revolver. My daughter kept getting misfires, so we have the gunsmith at the range look at it, what we found out was that my dad had used .17 mach2 ammo instead of the HMR. The gunsmith found 2 round jammed in the barrel (glad my daughter didn't get hurt). So we sent it back to Taurus because it was going to need a new barrel. My dad told me I could have the gun if I paid for the repair cost. We get the gun back from Taurus, no cost, repaired under their lifetime warranty program. I thought that was great because it was our fault and not the design of the gun. So I got a new gun for free.
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    That is really good to hear. I have heard some great stories about the Taurus people standing behind their products, and I have personally recommended their PT-1911 to several people who were in the market. That is really cool that they didn't try to stick it to you even though they probably could have.

    A lot times businesses get a bad rap based on one persons' experience and it spreads everywhere, so it's good to see that when something like this occurs you are getting the word out there for the masses.

    Thanks for the information.


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    Gone are the days when Taurus put out inferior products. They are a class act and people are finally beginning to recognize that. I'm sure happy with the two Taurus revolvers I own.

    Mod. 85-UL, .38 cal....[​IMG]

    Mod. 617, .357 mag....[​IMG]
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    I had one good experience with Taurus. Someone I know showed me a model 85 she had bought second hand. I realized that there were important parts critical to the gun working correctly that had been removed. 8 weeks later and Taurus returned a butchered gun to it's correctly working state.
    Unfortunately I have not been so lucky with the Taurus Warranty Service people. In fact I am so done with having a so-called customer service person treat me like crap that after I sell out the Taurus guns I currently have, I am done with them. Last week I was told that a Taurus Tracker .44 Mag gun I bought new in 2006 and has been sitting unsold, well a guy at my shop discovered the cylinder will spin freely if you try it-this is Not a single action gun. Now I am expected to pay shipping on a never fired NIB gun simply cause I did not "catch the defect" inside of a year of purchase. I didn't make a defective gun, Taurus did. What this says to me is, "Ha Ha, you didn't catch it, now you have to pay, you should have known that some of our stuff is junk and you didn't waste your day constantly checking & re-checking everything we sell."
    On top of this last weekend at a gun show I sold a Taurus PT140Pro, Sunday gun is returned, magazine stuck and won't release. While I have had trouble with one gun from KAHR, at least they treat me like a valuable commodity, not like a jerk the way Taurus always seems to.
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