Taurus 94

Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by mcg0958, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. mcg0958

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    This thing is hard to shoot for a loving time. It is so stiff, it hurts your hands after 40-50 rounds. Plus it gets do dirty so quickly. Is this just something that I have tho deal with or might it break in before it breaks my hand? I want to love this gun and teach my boys to shoot with it. As of right now, it will be years before they are strong enough to shoot it.

    HOSSFLY New Member

    In my experience the 94 will always have a terrible DA trigger pull unless you take it to a GOOD gunsmith & even then ---well, guess that depends on the smith, never tryed it :confused:

  3. hardluk1

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    You can order a replacement spring and a model 85 spring also and do a bit of trial and errorcutting of coils. Small 22 revolvers have awfull triggers even if it said S&W on it. I have ours down to 6 1/2lb DA pull weight from 10 1/2 buy trimming a model 85 spring a bit. Then find a ammo thats works well For me cci works very well federal winny bulk stuff not so well.