Taurus 85 and others range report

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    Went to the range for probably the last time for the winter and shot my Taurus 85 that I recently acquired. Also shot my Taurus PT-25, Colt 1908 .25 auto, Cobra FS380 and Winchester 1400 MK II 12 gauge. The Cobra shot good as usual, however had some problems jamming, that I believe to be from cheap ammo. The Colt despite being from 1920, shot like a dream. The Taurus PT-25 shot like a dream, however a couple of times, the last round wouldn't eject all the way after firing, and I'd have to clear it myself. My aim was decent with all of them. Then I shot my Taurus 85. Let's say it was a very nice gun to shoot, had no problems, has a very nice trigger on it and was quite fun to shoot. Shot the most rounds through it at 100 rounds. For the first 70 or so rounds I had the same target from the rest of the guns up so I couldn't tell good my shooting was as it was already Swiss cheese. For the last 20-30 rounds I had a fresh target up and I could immediately tell that I wasn't hitting the target very well. Only hist it around a half dozen times and it was high on the target then for the most part. So I need to get some serious shooting time in on this particular gun and get it to where I can hit the target more before deciding if I want to use it for CCW or not. Then I shot my 12 gauge. Very fun to shoot and despite being an older cheaper mass produced semi-auto shotgun with a not so good rep, its a good old gun that hasn't let me down at all. I had the target set up approx. 10 yards the whole day.
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    i have the taurus model 431. its the 44spl. it is realy nice for a cheaper gun .