Taurus 650 & 651

Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by spittinfire, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. spittinfire

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    Anyone here have experience with a Taurus 650 or 651? I'm currently looking at them as a carry gun. I prefer the 651 since it allows me to shoot DA and SA. I know it's not a Smith, I have a 6" model 19 and love it but money is tight right now so I'm looking at the Taurus. I'd love to hear any input.
  2. Franciscomv

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    A good friend of mine has a 651, and it shoots well. The trigger needed a little work (it was to hard and gritty at first), but other than that it's a decent gun.

    For carry I'd go with a 650, I see little need for an exposed hammer on a snubnose revolver (other than looks and SA shots at the range). In a defense situation, you're going to use DA fire, and it's a lot easier to draw a hammerless revolver.