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    Hi new to forum and wanted to get started right away and pick some of your brains about revolvers. I as looking for a .357 snubby to CCW. I have looked at and shot a couple the Ruger SP101 and the Taurus 605 both 5 shots. I did like the Ruger but, am in a $410 budget including tax and in New Jersey a $15 NICS charge. I like the Taurus 605 but, want the 617 which holds 7 rounds. Not much in weight difference. The 617 is about 2oz heavier that the 101 but you gain 2 more rounds with the 617 but, the 605 is 4.4 oz lighter then the 617 but, you lose 2 rounds. for you guys that carry revolvers what is your perspective on choosing a CCW revolver. Lighter less rounds or a few oz heavier and gain exta rounds? I fall into the price if I go blued and not SS.
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    While Taurus, contrary to many folks belief, makes an OK low-medium price gun, they're not in the same league as Ruger and Smith. The Smith & Wesson 617 is an excellent handgun and will probably out last you and your heirs. As will the Ruger. I'm partial to the Smith but either will give you a great weapon.

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    I have seen and read so much bad press about Taurus revolvers that I wouldn't take one for free. While some folks just like to bash products, there's just so much smoke about them there must be a fire also. On THR, a well respected fella posted his adventures with a new Taurus that came with a bent frame and the time it took for Taurus to resolve the issue.

    Read this thread all the way through before investing in a Taurus revolver:


    I'd buy a used S&W or Ruger myself...
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    I own a titanium 617 357 magnum that I purchased used for 300 dollars and it is a great gun . I have never had any problems with it and it is very accurate out to about 17 yards. which is fine considering it has a two inch barrel. So far I have fired about two thousand rounds through it with no problems. Ruger makes great revolvers also at a good price. Personally I think smith and wesson is charging a little to much for their revolvers. They make a great product but is it really worth it to pay between 700 and 1400 dollars for a smith and wesson product.
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    5 shot. Hit'em in the chest with the 1st 1