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    I bought a Taurus .357 last year. MODEL 605.

    I've taken it to the range probably 10 times now and I can't hit much with it. The grip is all wrong for me, after just a dozen rounds my hand starts feeling it quite a bit.

    Anyone else run into this before or have any opinions on this model?

    This is a picture of it;

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  2. chorlton

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    You might want to take a look at the Hogue monogrips. I'm pretty sure you can get them for the 605. They're about $20

  3. dtroyb

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    I have no idea how much experience you have with revolvers, but some advice I got years ago helped me out quite a bit. Pull the trigger with the pad of you finger not the joint. A lot of people who are used to shooting semi-autos pull with the joint and haven't ever noticed ill effects on their accuracy. When you move to a revolver and the heavier trigger pull it shows big time. That's how I shoot everything. Once you get used to it will seem very natural.

    As for the discomfort. I noticed the picture is of a 2" barrel model. I have almost the same gun. A .357mag out of a 2
    " barrel is going to get a bit harsh on the hand and wrist. Shooting gloves make a big difference, PAST gloves are great.
    Another thing, the point of impact between .357mag and .38 special at self difense ranges isn't really an issue. So I practice with the .38. You still get the practice without the pain. I usually finish up with a few cylinders of my self defense rounds just to make sure my point of aim is still good and to remind myself of what the real deal is going to be like.
  4. Shooter

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    I had that exact same gun. I wanted a .357 for conceal carry and it was just the right size. I ended up getting rid of it because I got a semi-auto. I liked it for the most part, well built gun. Any small revolver that size of that caliber isn't going to be easy on the hands.
  5. Moe M.

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    There's nothing wrong with the gun or the grips, the problem is that we are all programed to not like pain.

    A couple of years ago I found a small framed S&W mod. 60 in .357 mag. with a 3" barrel, it weighs about 23 ounces, not the optimum for a carry gun, but it had adj. sights and it was magna-ported, like new and a steal at $225.00.

    At the range it really shined with .38 specials, but when I stuffed it with five full house .357's it kicked like a rejected mule.

    My point being, there ain't a gun made that can over come the effects of recoil, only the old adage of the heavier the bullet, the more weight you have to add to the gun to make it pleasant to shoot.

    So, considering the fact that the power of rounds like the .357 is lost in barrels of 3"'s and under, why bother, I still have the mod-60, but it's still too heavy for constant concealed carry for me, so I've gone to a S&W, 12 ounce, 5 shot, j-frame Centienal model (no exposed hammer), I use 90 grain Win. silvertips in it, they have more stopping power than .357's at close range(15 yds) and are much more manageable to shoot.
    My mod. 60 is right at home with 110gr. hollow point hydro-shocks.
  6. Rebailey

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    I have just bought one of the 605's but haven't shot it yet. Will report on my thoughts after shooting it. Seems to be really well made.
  7. moviezombie

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    have you tried the taurus 605 yet?

    i've been to the range and fired the s&w 60 and was ok with a lighter load .357......but will attest to the fact that a high load .357 in the snubbie kicks like a mule.

    would you buy the taurus again....or would you buy the s&w 60?

    is the grip on the 605 similar to the 605 and suitable for a woman's hand?

    yes, i'm female....haven't been able to find a s&w 60ls to fire at a range but had no problems with the 60 [until i tried the high power .357 ammo that is].

    the cost difference is noticeable. with both guns firing high load .357 is going to shake the gun loose but i would expect the taurus to shake loose sooner than the s&w.

    anyone with any feedback and/or ideas, i'd love to hear more.


    movie zombie new to the group as of today, june 7, 2007
  8. Rebailey

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    Taurus 605

    Zombie, I took the 605 to the range yesterday for a shootout. I had 5 different loads for it.
    145 gr. W-W Silvertips .357
    125 gr. Rem. SJHP .357
    158 Gr. W-W Lead HP +P .38 Special
    125 gr. .357 Reloads
    158 gr. .38 Special Reloads
    I shot 5 shots of each through the 605. My comments:

    The .38 Special reloads were kittykat.
    The W-W +P's were sorta like blah.
    The .357 reloads were tougher.
    The 125 Rem.'s were like a pit bull!
    The 145 Silvertips were like a pit bull plus a Rottweiler!

    I shot all five cylinders at a 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper at
    seven yards. All 25 shots were in a 5-inch circle. I shot five more of the Rem. 125 SJHP at 7 yards and had a 2-inch group dead center. After shooting 30 shots I had a bruise on my hand between my thumb and forefinger. Figuring that the Rem. 125's were fine for discouraging bad guys I stopped and stuffed 5 more in and returned the 605 to holster. My feelings on this gun are positive. It is a handful but manageable. I cleaned it up last night and thanked the Lord for the Second Amendment and our Right to Bear Arms!
  9. moviezombie

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    thanks for the feedback!

    i'm so torn: s&w 60 i fired with great grouping despite having not fired a gun since 1989.....firing .357 but not high load and was quite pleased with the results. even high load was pretty good but geeeeez, my hand!

    i really really want to like the ruger sp101 but find i'm not as accurate with it. tried it at two different firing ranges with different .357 loads as well as
    .38 loads......

    and now the taurus knockoff 605 looms on the horizon......but cannot seem to find it at a range with rentals to try out. tried higher caliber and heavier taurus that a friend has and wasn't displeased.

    however, i have to admit this is not going to be a one only gun purchase. i find i like going to the range and practicing..... i see a short 2 inch snubbie in my near future with a few more acquisitons with longer barrel.

    movie zombie
  10. Rebailey

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    I owned a gun shop for many years and have handled, shot, and loved many, many guns. The Taurus of years ago is no more. Equate it to the Japanese goods of 30 to 40 years ago. Now the Japanese are eating our lunch in just about everything they sell. The Taurus guns of today are so far above their guns of years ago it is not funny. When I bought this 605 (from Bud's Gun Shop) the price was
    $292.37 plus $25 shipping. Also they gave a year sub. to the NRA worth $35. This brought the total price down to
    $257.37 plus $25 shipping (total $282.37.) The Smith
    Model 60 was $479.68 plus $25 shipping for a total of
    $504.68. That's a difference of $222.31. The Smith was
    57% higher. Plus I haven't gotten over the S&W fiasco with Bill Clinton's bunch. I think the Taurus line is fully the equal of Smith now. Plus they have a lifetime guarantee to any and all owners of Taurus weapons. Keep on shootin'!
  11. fortis dei

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    I worked in a gun shop as my first job, and I continue to shoot and examine guns. Guns have been and will continue to be a passion of mine.

    I must agree with Rebailey: Taurus is doing what Japanese companies (esp. Toyota) did several years ago. They have decided to offer top-quality products at a very low price in order to get into the market. Their quality control has gone up from the original 92 knock-offs and now they are eating a larger share of the market.

    So, lets compare S&W and Taurus wheel guns:

    -Both offer lifetime warranties
    -Both have proven to be reliable (I have found that the Taurus actions are smoother out-of-the-box)
    -Taurus guns are have the price of S&W.

    So, if you are looking for an affordable gun to shoot or carry, Tarus is a good option right now.
  12. popps30

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    I've fired 50 rounds from my new Taurus 605. It takes practice in DA for sure but I had a consistent group at 15 yards in SA. This leads me to believe the problem you mention is user error:D ..... Yep it kicks like a mule just like a small frame 357 mag should. I would have been very disappointed otherwise. I also fired into a styrofoam ice chest with several phonebooks inside and left a whole approximately 3 1/2 inches across and much deeper than my 45. Extremely satisfied and carry it as my back up every day.
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    It's the zombie revival of the three years old dead thread!!!

    Welcome! :D
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    Get a different grips it did wonders for me!

    It points very naturally now and even tough they are wood the recoil impulse is reduced. The grip has a large palm swell and fills the hand, better distributing the recoil energy over a larger area thereby reducing felt recoil.

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  15. popps30

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    Jokes on me! :eek: I did'nt even look at the date since I'm new to this thread thing. Yes Taurus had a bad reputation but I comapired it to a S+W 357 while at the range and I could not find one thing that would make me spend $200 more just for the S+W name.
    Same with my Ruger P 90. I've put well over 1500 rounds through it without a single misfeed or complaint. Both are as accurate as any compairable handgun. If I were rich I'd drive a BMW but my little Nissan gets me there for a 20th of the price....know what I mean? I love my Taurus and Ruger!
    I do like the looks of the wood grip! Are those Hogue?
  16. magnumman

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    I also have a 605 (blue), and if your has the small grips like mine does i understand where your coming from. at first it was very akward shooting hot magnums out of it but after some practice i have actually dialed this gun in very nicely. i know that crimson laser grips for this gun are almost the same price as the gun itself but they are great for shooting anything over 15-20 yards. This is a great gun and is very well built, the days of taurus hating are over (atleast for revolvers). keep on shooting