Taurus 24-7 Pro Pistol Review

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    I am ashamed to say that my first impression of the Taurus brand was colored by the opinion of a local gun shop employee. This ‘blowhard’ waned on about its Brazilian origins, cheap price and his montra that ‘cheap equals inaccurate’. He couldn’t have been more wrong!

    My first experience with the Taurus 24/7 PRO pistol in 9mm was a real surprise and my bias was dismantled when the Taurus won the NRA handgun of the year.

    An smart stainless steel finished upper and durable (and surprisingly comfortable) polymer lower that fits a large adult hand.

    Just like the more expensive Glocks, the Taurus is unique its design as a striker fired, semi-auto. Misfired ammunition can receive multiple trigger pulls without working the slide. This ‘second chance’ trigger system has a light double action trigger pull making your shooting flow exceptional as you keep your sight on target.

    It is important to understand the position the Taurus 24/7 PRO plays in the market as a great self defense weapon. However, it is not a good choice for competitive shooting. The trigger pull is not double action or heavy enough to qualify in most competitions.

    While some may criticize the use of a full size pistol for concealed carry applications, the Taurus 24/7 PRO is completely safe and will not fire without the safety on unless the trigger is pulled – a great human error feature. The external safety on the Taurus 24/7 PRO completely locks both trigger and slide. The safety is easily managed just like any 1911 model. For those who aren’t regular shooters the extra measure of security against a negligent discharge is very comforting.

    Okay, so how does it shoot? The 9mm is a smooth shoot and recoil is very manageable. The pistol is accurate with Heine Straight 8 sights adjustable for windage. Many enthusiasts will look for aftermarket night sights or be creative on their own bench.

    Finally, as I mentioned before, no pistol fits all roles or is optimal for every situation. But if you are in the market for inexpensive, full sized self defense, take a good look at the Taurus 24/7 PRO.
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    I like my 24/7 Pro 9mm. Never an issue, never failed in well over 1000 rounds.

    Nice Review!


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    I have several Taurus handguns, 4 revolvers and 3 semiautos. They have been dependable, sturdy, certainly accurate enough for personal defense, and trouble-free. I carry one or another of them regularly with no reason to expect any failures.
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    I'm tired of hearing that glocks are better or that the sig is better or that the 1911 is the best. I have a Taurus 24/7 pro 45cal and shoot it often and like it never had a problem. My gun is for self defense and I considered myself a good shooter so I don't care what gun I have I'm going to hit nothing but body mass so what does it matter if I spent $200 or $1000 its were you place that first shot.
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    My 24/7 had a bad bbl straight out of the box. Sent it back, now its super accurate.

    My 24/7 compact was a beautifully accurate gun.

    Taurus did it right with that line of pistols.
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    I've got one for trade!