Taurus 24/7-45BP-12 ??

Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by TXnorton, Mar 18, 2009.

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    I have recently become aware that the state of Texas had amended the laws on concealed weapons, and as of September 2007 it is now legal to carry a concealed pistol in your vehicle WITHOUT having to have a CWP. So now I find I have been legal for the past year and a half. I had been keeping my “throw-away” pistol in my truck; it is a cheap Charter Arms 5-shot .38 that I bought many years ago. The logic was if I lost that gun due to having the truck stolen, or having it confiscated by the local LEO’s then it was not a big loss.

    I am going to get my CWP later this year anyway, but the new law has caused me to re-think my choice of the weapon. I do not see myself actually “carrying” the weapon, but do plan on keeping one in my vehicle. Now I am looking to upgrade the pistol I keep in my truck.

    My current handgun inventory is pretty varied (.22’s to a .44 Walker-Colt) , and I would never consider leaving my Colt .45 1911 stainless Gold Cup or my S&W 629 in my vehicle, and I want something with more knock-down power than my 9mm Browning Hi-Power. I am pretty sure I want another automatic in .45 ACP for this weapon. I don’t really want a .40 as I already re-load for the 9mm and .45.

    I also do not want to invest $1,000+ for this pistol. I have looked at the Taurus 24/7-45BP-12 model which seems to retail for less than $500, and it seems to fit my requirements (high capacity magazine, 4” barrel, low cost). However, I do not have any experience with the newer generation of polymer framed guns. I also have very big hands so a smaller pistol wouldn’t fit me very well.

    I am looking for advice here on the Taurus option, or any other recommendations for a pistol that meets my wants.


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    My father in law has the 24/7 in 9mm. It is a great little gun. 27 oz is pretty light for a .45 as well.

    It won't out-perform a colt, Kimber, or S&W. But it will shoot straight and drop bad guys all day long.


    I own a butt-load of Taurus guns, and consider myself the un-official taurus representative to the internet.

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    It's decent for the price.My brother got one six months ago and so far no problems.We put 300 rounds of WWB thru it without any FTF or FTE.I was thinking about getting one for my wife.