Taurus 24/7 45 Compact vs. PT638

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by 12fretter, Mar 5, 2013.

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    I was all set to go buy a used but brand new 24/7 45 compact. On my errands today, I stopped into a local gun shop under new management and they had both a 24/7 9mm (full size) and a PT638. Same trigger setup. The trigger on the 24/7 SUCKED. Really bad. SA pull was long and jittery. Terrible. The one on the PT638? Holy CRAP!!! AWESOME! I couldn't believe it. It has made me forget all about the used but new .45 I wanted to buy, although I have not gotten my hands on it yet to see what the trigger is like. I'm seriously considering switching my requirement to continuing to carry a .380. (I have a Bersa Thunder 380 now, which I love, but so does my daughter who just took her CCW class).

    I can't stop thinking about how crisp that trigger was. I am totally GASsin' for that gun. I got it bad.
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    Nothin wrong with 9mm get what u like