Taurus 24/7 .40 sub-compact

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by yankeesfan, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. yankeesfan

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    if anyone has a Taurus 24/7 .40 sub-compact pistol or if anyone heard anything about it, i would like some feedback on the good and the bad. i have it narrowed down to 3 guns and this is one along with the xd and s&w 40's sub-compact. thanks
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    I have a 24/7 Pro CDS compact. It has the 3 1/3" barrel. If this is what you are talking about I like it overall. Comfortable to shoot, goes bang every time, is more accurate than me (not a great shot) although my P95 Ruger will out shoot it. It is fairly thick but not more so than most. Sights on mine leave a little to be desired. Overall I am happy with it. I purchased it used a month or so ago and thought if I did not like it I would sell it. I am going to keep it. Mine came with a 11 round and a 15 round mag but I like the 11 round the best. Wife likes it very well and my 19 year old son shot it a lot when he was back from school. Dad was supplying ammo:) . I have not had any issues so far and have run about 500 rounds through it. It was used but in like new condition when I bought it. I went after a Springfield XDM but it was gone when I decided to get it. I think I would like the XDM better.

  3. NGIB

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    The QC at Taurus is the most iffy in the industry. Spend 20 minutes on Google and you'll find out that folks either get a gun they love or a gun they hate. If you do get one that needs repair - their customer service is also the worst there is. This is not bashing - this is personal experience. I bought a new 24/7 Pro a couple years ago and it failed within a week at less that 100 rounds fired.

    The gun was returned to Taurus and they had it for over 12 weeks before it was returned. Yes, it was fixed but I traded it away at a loss and will never repeat that again. Now, many folks get a Taurus gun that is 100% OK - I just don't like crap shoots when it comes to guns.

    Personally, the XD or the M&P are both proven reliable platforms and the customer service at Springfield and Smith & Wesson is top notch. BTW, I have a lot of handguns and the only poly guns I own is an XD...