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Discussion in 'Range Report' started by Yunus, Nov 21, 2009.

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    My first 1911. Just picked it up today and had the chance to shoot about 50 rounds through it. My comfort zone on pistols and what I am very familiar with is a Glock and a Ruger Mark III. The 1911 has easier to load magazines without using a speedloading device, the .45 round is much smoother to load than a .22 and the glock magazines are very tight, I also think the single stack of the 1911 is an advantage. Holding the gun, the grips are narrower than the glock and similar to the ruger in feel, I like the slimness of this gun. The sights on mine are 2 rear dots and 1 up front, very similar to the glock except that the 1911 has rounded edges which is disadvantage to me. I prefer the crisp edges of the stock glock sights, it makes lining up the dots easier. The action of the gun is very smooth, I had 0 problems with the 50 rounds I fired, I read that standard magazines can be problematic and I plan on buying some better mags over time but at least initially the stock mags work great, something that is the exact opposite to the .22's I am used to where you need to wear in the mags before they become reliable. My Taurus has a double sided safety switch which is nice but since I'm right handed not all that useful to me. The slide release mechanism is a bit out of the range of my thumb unless I twist the gun in my hand taking it off target. I have heard they make larger ones and this is something I may consider getting, although I am used to just pulling on the slide to release it so it also may be a non issue. The trigger on the 1911 is fantastic, every time the gun fired it was after a smooth trigger pull and it was a consistent pull each time, this is the exact opposite of what I'm used to with the Glock where its lighthly pulled until it reaches a point then you have to squeeze hard to make it fire. Kick on the 1911 was less than expected, I suspect the weight of this gun is the reason, although the weight is not too heavy it feels very balanced and I did not experience fatigue in my arm from holding the gun up for a reasonable amount of time. This paragraph has run on long enough.

    Overall I am very happy with this purchase. The gun is everything I was expecting it to be, accurate, reliable, fun to shoot. I'm not ready to not fire my Glock again but with the variety of 1911's available I can see a reason to purchase a second one, something I can't say about the Glock.

    My first target shot with the 1911
    The single shot just up and left of bullseye was the first bullet fired. I was not overly concerned with shot placement on this shot, whenever I first shoot a new gun my first concern is safety and so my focus was not on aiming, even though it was the most accurate of the group. The remaining 7 were me aiming dead center of the target just to figure out where the gun was shooting. This is at 20 yards. The targets are standard 100 yard rifle targets, I think there 1" circles but I'm not sure.

    Second magazine with the 1911
    This group I attempted to compensate based on what I shot in the first group, so I aimed at the top left of the black. I guess I was over thinking it or something as this shot group is clearly not as good. Same distance, 20 yards.
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    You'll soon be addicted - just like the rest of us...


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    Great range report Yunus. It looks like you just need to get familiar with the 1911's weight and smoother trigger action and more shooting practice will resolve that.

    Your first target's low right trail group shots were probably due more to unfamiliarity of shooting the gun and a little over grip compensation control of the gun. The second target, for the most part, you hit where you stated you aimed.

    The more you shoot the gun and get accustomed to it, the more you will improve. You hit black the majority of the time and that is what you want. All in all, Yunus, not bad shooting for a new gun. :D

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    Yunus - You are now on the right track and a member of the 1911 brotherhood.

    I agree with Jack. Your first target shows that your rounds are all hitting about the same spot, which is good. Once you get them all in the same area, moving that area around is much easier then having a litany of issues to address. Some more trigger time, especially some dry fire practice, would greatly increase your scores/groups.

    It's interesting that the first round you ever fired was a 9 at the 10 o'clock position.

    I think when you get more used to the weapon, your targets are going to look much tighter.

    Overall it sounds like you got a very good weapon. The Taurus has been, in my opinion of awhile, a great 1911 for the money. Lots of high end options and a complete CNC done machine for now a ton of coin.

    Please keep us updated as to how you progress.

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    First time out with a 1911?

    Wow, not bad. I would suggest to move the target in a tad to start. If the gun is to be used for PD/HD, shooting at 60 feet doesn't provide you with much useful practice. If you intend to target/compete shoot never mind.

    I always start a student out with a new gun at 2 meters (~7 feet or 1/2 CQB) and with that, success builds success (and confidence).
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    Really great results at 20 yards with a new pistol. Nice job!
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    Cleaning the gun can actually be more dangerous than shooting it if you don't know what your doing. The plug and spring can and will hit the ceiling if you don't hold it properly when field stripping. Also it startles you and makes you think wtf just happened.

    Overall cleaning is not difficult after you figure out what your doing, this will take me a lot more practice to do but it's not as difficult as it sounds or looks for those who have not done it before. However this is more complicated and takes longer than cleaning a Glock, but is similar in time to cleaning a Ruger or Walther 22.
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    :eek: LOL... that's never happened to me before ( yea, right ! ) Thank god the spring is big enough that you can still find it after it's stopped its balistic journey hehe.. Ever notice how piece parts invariably find the smallest most out of the way corner or crack to settle in when they fly off on ya?

    Anywho... You're gonna love that Taurus. I had a chance to shoot one when I was breaking in my, then new, XD45. Very smooth action. The only other gun I could compare against was my own Colt 1911 and there is really no comparison there. The Taurus had a much more rifined feel to it (which was obvious to expect I reck'n)

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    Glad ou like it! My friend has a taurus 1911, but he shouldn't.

    He shot it a couple hundred times with me at a range once, then let me take it home to clean it since he doesn't know how. I cleaned it twice now and the second time was after 500rds or more. :eek: Talk about filthy, I'm surprised it still functioned that dirty.

    The more ou play with it the more familiar and accurate you will become, just don't expect your friends to do it because you are too lazy,lol!

    Thanks for the report Yunus! :cool:
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    That's pretty good for the first time out. As has been said, practice makes perfect.
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    The manual says to clean it after every day you shoot. If you shoot more than 200 rounds a day to clean it after every 200 rounds. I have no idea if they are cleaner, equal, or dirtier than other brands of 1911's but I didn't think it was very dirty, but I only shot 50 rounds through it.