Taser ramnifications.

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    I go get my CCW class (again) for my new state in about 2 weeks. It's been a LONG time since I carried a CCW. Maybe 5 years or so. I was reading about the ramnifications of shooting someone with a pistol (again). I got to thinking about my current carry weapon, which has been a Taser C2 for over a year now. So... Say; for whatever reason, you HAD to tase someone and the deed is done, you called the cops while they were flopping and twitching. And, just FYI for those non-familiar with the C2: It will continue to cycle for 30 seconds after you fire or until you replace the trigger cover; whichever comes first. This is so you can shoot, drop it on the ground while their doin' the twitch and get away to safety. The cartridges have unique RFID confetti, registered to you when you purchase them. It is advertised to cycle 250 times on one battery pack. You could POSSIBLY hold someone at bay for a good long time with it. BUT. As always, it's going to be a your word vs. theirs after it's said and done. Just like a handgun: If there's no witnesses on your side, you got a steap slope ahead. So... What if things go South after the cops show up? It comes down do criminal defense for the GOOD guy. What then? What charges (no pun intended) would they be facing. There are documented deaths attributed to electrical non-leathal weapons. Supposedly people with heart problems (whether they know it or not) are good candidates for worm food if they get hit with a stun device. But I I don't really care about that... That's pretty evident that you could get hit with 1st degree but that's a rarity, so I don't really care about that. I'd rather hear about the types of assault charges you'd be facing if the average low life is somehow able to convince the cops they weren't there to roll you. Are they felonies? Anyone know of this? I googled it and come up with a bunch of crap about how tasers kill and blah, blah, blah. BTW, want something fun to watch? Go to youtube and type in Taser. LOL Lots of good footage there!
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    anytime you use a weapon on someone in a self defense situation, lethal or non-lethal, there is a strong possibility someone is going to die. the facts generally come out in police interrogations i wouldnt worry about it. if you do act in self defense even if your 500% on the right side of the law your going to spend time getting sued by the goblin himself or his craptastic familial relatives. its a shame that the modern world gives slimeballs more rights than the victim...

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    Exceptions to this general rule get a LOT of press coverage.

    I have noticed that some LEO tasers are available with a camera that records their use; perhaps something similar could save you some hassel with your personal zapper.
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    Any of these should be called LESS lethal weapons- even MACE has resulted in deaths- altho very rare.

    I am not a lawyer (Mommy and Daddy were married, so am disqualified) However, IMNSHO, if you Tase someone, you better have the same justification you would have for slugging them with a ballbat, or you will be facing charges of at LEAST Assault & Battery. Probably not Assault with a Deadly Wespon, or Attempted Murder, but Aggravated Assault a strong likelihood.
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    I dunno

    I'm I lot less apt to shoot someone than I am to tase them. Examples would be if someone was swingin' a fist at me. I would not draw a gun, shoot and kill them. That would be escalating the violance on my part. At least in the last State I had a CCW (Virginia) that was supposed to be true. I would certainly tase their *** though! Right down to the ground. Then I'd probably stick around and hold them there for awhile (because I'm an a$$hole) until the cops showed up. Depending on the situation though. On the other hand; with a gun, I would be more likely to take any number of physical cheap shots to seperate myself from them and just go. I don't mean to take a beating but if it comes to it, I can't justify a kill to avoid a few punches and kicks. Now if they had something in their hand, that's a different story. If someone's approaching with say a brick in their hand or a billy club... I would definitely draw whatever I had to keep this from escalating. This is kind of an out there scenerio though because I don't think I'd allow myself into that situation to begin with. I have a feeling that most of us on this particular thread are more apt to be situationally aware so as to avoid being there in the first place. This awareness probably started happening well before any of us picked up our first CCW permits. Anyway, thanks for the thoughts so far.
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